MotoGP, Mir: “me alongside Marquez? Anyone would be in awe, but I’m looking for a job!”

The news of Hamamatsu’s retirement from the MotoGP championship at the end of the season has deeply shaken the team and the world of two wheels. Although it had happened before, the decision came completely unexpected in a championship that currently saw Suzuki leading the constructors’ championship. With both riders high in the standings just six races from the start of the championship, a bike by far considered one of the best creations of the Japanese house in recent years and a world championship won in 2020, the decision came from the sky, or rather from the upper floors of the management of the Japanese company, in a completely sudden way and in the eyes of most, out of any sporting logic. Joan Mir is well aware of this, currently sixth tied with Bagnaia’s Ducati in the championship, who broke his silence on the matter and answered questions concerning his future in MotoGP as well.

How did you spend the last few days after the news?
“It was hard – Joan explains to us – it was totally unexpected, no one suspected anything because we pilots were already negotiating for next year. When I received the news, I immediately thought of everyone who works in the team, what made Suzuki special are the people who work there. Knowing overnight that everyone will have to look for another place to work obviously does not make the atmosphere the best at the moment, but we will continue to work giving our all until the end of this season. “

Obviously now the question everyone is asking is what your plans for the future will be. There are rumors of a possibility in Honda regarding the riders market, have there already been attempts to approach from both sides?
From Jerez we were officially on the market – the Majorcan continues – but our first choice was still Suzuki before the news was made known. Now my manager will surely have to work harder than he originally thought. He will speak with Honda but also with other manufacturers to find the best accommodation for my future. “

So being Marc’s partner in Honda next year wouldn’t scare you?
“If I asked any driver to go and race in the same team as an eight-time world champion, a minimum of awe would come to anyone, but let’s face it, I have to find myself a job! “ the young Spaniard replies jokingly.

Are you in a hurry to secure a saddle for next year?
“I’m not in a hurry, but obviously there isn’t a rider who doesn’t seek the security of having a place in the MotoGP next season, that’s the way it is for everyone, it’s normal. What will change now will be the motivation, because before the goal it was doing well for me and for Suzuki, now I’ll have to try to get the best possible result at the end of the season to give the team the result it deserves, nothing would make me happier. “

Will this also give you an extra boost to take on the rest of the championship?
“As for my teammate Alex, for me it is obviously the same. This is a situation that can be dealt with in two ways. The first would be to have a drop, and it would be normal under the circumstances, the second is to pull out. from this story an even greater push. I think this year we have not yet demonstrated what Suzuki and its team are able to do this year, we have a great setup to be competitive. “

Such an unexpected decision is normal that it also generates frustration and anger, what do you think?
“It’s a decision I can’t understand. Suzuki is one of the best teams in the paddock, I am angry about the decision which does not take into account the excellent work that the people in the team are doing. It is a special team, I only joined four years ago, but there are people who have been here for much longer, the same people who in 2020 have worked to lead us to be world champions, and every other year is a team that has fought among the first in the league “.

Are you surprised that there has been no direct communication with you pilots from Japan?
“To be honest, yes, but I don’t think it was an easy decision. I think they made a decision quickly with a bigger goal, because otherwise it wouldn’t make sense given the results we’re getting.”

Do you think this decision could negatively affect Suzuki’s commitment for the rest of the championship?
“I don’t think so, they are very professional. They showed it again in 2020 with the pandemic and they did everything for the team. In this situation they will do the same, but Japanese are like that, if they say they want to stop, they will stop.”

Did this news shock you as an athlete?
“Managing stress is part of my job, the news struck me but I am able to separate work from private. I will continue to do my job giving my best for the rest of the championship without being influenced.”

Often pilots love to bond with their trusted men even when they change teams, if you have the chance is this an option you are considering?
This is a very good question. At this moment it is difficult to know if there will be this possibility. Some may choose not to return, or it may not be possible in the new team, but with my team we have a great relationship and a great atmosphere so I wouldn’t mind, but often these are decisions where the team has the last word. “

You said you won’t lose focus for the rest of the championship, but what if the team lost it?
“I don’t think there is this danger, each of them will continue to do their jobs professionally to the best of their abilities.”

Alex said this Suzuki has the best package he has ever had. Do you think the same way?
“Without any doubt” then concluded the Spaniard.

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