MotoGP, Bagnaia: “Tire pressure? This year already 18 riders are out of bounds”

Please, no more questions about tire pressure”Smiles Pecco Bagnaia, knowing full well that he will have to pay the price of talking about it. Gigi Dall’Igna has already given his answer on the subject, but now it’s up to the Piedmontese driver to explain what happened and he doesn’t hold back, in the inaugural press conference of the Le Mans GP.

The situation is clear enough – it begins – The pressures are decided by thinking about whether you will do a race ahead or behind other riders, but it is difficult to predict and it is not an easy job, especially in hot weather, like in Jerez. I read that I would have found myself in a situation of illegality, but since the beginning of the year the same thing has happened to 18 other riders. We are talking about nothing and I think the other riders agree with me”.

Pecco is not wrong, because from Quartararo to Marquez, everyone agrees with him, repeating his explanation.

Michelin recommends a pressure to start, which is however not mandatory. In Jerez I was between 1.85 and 1.89 bar for the whole race, it doesn’t change much with that difference “.

Did it bother you that this document was published after your victory?
No, if anything, I find it ugly that it is not known who divulged a confidential document. I hope the culprit comes out because this fact is more serious than it seems, Michelin had stressed that these data should not have come out. I don’t care if it happened after one of my victories, we know what the truth is and also that Ducati is always being watched. Amen”.

Let’s move on to you, how’s the shoulder?
Better, I worked well at home and, even if I’m not 100% yet, I think I won’t have big problems driving and I can reduce the use of painkillers.

Last year, after your first win, you never stopped. Can it happen again?
“It would be nice to have the same trend, but it will be difficult. Here at Le Mans last year I had been competitive in the dry, in theory there should be good weather this weekend. Surely it will only rain on Sunday at 2pm (ride). Anyway, Yamaha has always been fast here, like Zarco and Miller”.

In the rain, Ducati is competitive, but you weren’t in Mandalika.
In Indonesia I was in a strange situation, normally I’m fast in the wet but there I was slow. In Portimao, however, I was fast. Last year, here at Le Mans, I was 4th with two Long Lap Penalties, but it’s difficult to make predictions today, it will be easier after the first practice sessions “.

Are your problems with the GP22 definitively resolved after the victory in Jerez?
The problem is that we did the winter tests on two tracks where we hadn’t raced the previous year. It seemed to me that I was missing something and in Qatar we saw the difference, I was no longer able to do what I had been doing the year before. We continued to work and finally in Argentina we took a step forward, another in Austin, where I finished 5th without being competitive, then in Portugal I didn’t get a good result but I felt good sensations. In Jerez I took the decisive step forward, I found the same confidence as in 2021, even greater”.

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