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More taste, fewer calories: Cucina Evolution, the new healthy food

Today more than ever we know that what we put on our plate has a decisive impact on health, on the incidence of Covid and also on the effectiveness of vaccines. Therefore, those who cook today can no longer limit themselves to good, the kitchen must be sustainable and therefore respectful of health.

When we enter the kitchen we have to ask ourselves: is what I’m cooking only good or is it also good? If the answer is I don’t know, you have a duty to study and find out! If the answer is no, then you have a duty to evolve the recipe. Because if it’s to die for, it’s not really good. The era of the BuonoDaVivere has arrived!

If we were to list some healthy foods, who would not start by citing the classic foods of a vegetarian or even better vegan cuisine, perhaps paying particular attention to the organic choice?

We have always been used to thinking that in order to stay in shape it is necessary to have privations, but is it necessary that a healthy food must be rigorously without eggs, without milk, without butter? Does the optimal choice really fall into a diet rich in proteins and vegetables, even better if raw, at the expense of the much feared carbohydrates?

When we think we are right, we are making a big mistake. A diet to be balanced requires a meticulous precision in the kitchen: any traditional dish can be made keeping its taste and traditional ingredients, but paying attention to well-being when each ingredient is correctly weighed and balanced.

Know cooking techniques it is also essential to know how to save fats during cooking and to preserve the content of vitamins and minerals in vegetables or legumes for example. How many still do not know that there are vitamins, such as carotenoids that are more bioavailable for our body only when we cook the vegetables that contain them?

Among these, lycopene, the main carotenoid contained for example in tomatoes, becomes even more bioavailable after long cooking, so not always raw is better than cooked. And carbohydrates are contained in pasta, bread, pizza really strongly to be limited? Yes if cooked with too much salt and little fiber!

But carbohydrates are the fuel of each of our cells and must be taken in all meals of the day, following the principles of the Mediterranean diet. It is therefore necessary to ask a particular focus on glycemic loador rather on the speed with which the blood sugar rises over time as a function of the carbohydrate content in the food: this speed can be significantly controlled in a balanced meal, which includes an adequate content of fiber, especially of the soluble type, able to slow down and partially prevent the absorption of sugars and fats within the meal.

With the Evolution Cooking Method it becomes possible to make a Carbonara with fewer calories and more fiber than 100 g of white rice with a tablespoon of oil, without giving up pasta, bacon, egg yolk and pecorino romano. With the Evolution Cooking Method, the fried cutlet has less fat and more fiber than a 125g mozzarella and tiramisu with mascarpone has less sugar and more fiber than an apple!

Carbonara evolution
Photo credits: Chiara Lybra Resturant

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