Monopoli makes the big voice in front of Manuzzi’s 8 thousand, Cesena’s season ends

Incredible but true: Cesena loses 3-0 at home with Monopoli and ends the 2021/22 season in the worst possible way. In the first round of the national playoff phase, after winning in the first leg match. To pass against the Apulians, the Cavalluccio could also have lost with a goal difference by virtue of the best placement in the regular season and the 2-1 victory in Puglia. But for the whole match the bianconeri give up playing and let the guests collect an infinite number of opportunities, who struggle to realize them, so the guys from Viali decide to throw it in alone. At 12 ‘it is Gonnelli and head off Nardi, then in the second half the goalkeeper loses a ball, commits a penalty foul in an attempt to remedy and is sent off: the doubling that freezes the 8124 fans present in the stands, never so crowded this season . Three of a kind in the 97th minute, again on a penalty by Mercadante, who puts the exclamation point on the deserved passage of the Monopoli turn. After last year’s harakiri with Matelica, another fool in the Cesena playoffs: we must already think about next season, with a new coach and new faces on the pitch.

Viali: “Courage lacked”

Viali ranks the same 11 of the first leg, except for Missiroli, not at its best, which is replaced by the returning Ardizzone. In front of Nardi Gonnelli and Allievi with Ciofi and Calderoni full backs, in the middle Ardizzone, Steffè and Ilari, while behind Bortolussi Caturano and Pierini act.

Monopoli immediately aggressive, at 3 ‘Gonnelli is good at deflecting a right from Borrelli for a corner, served in the area from the rear. Bad ball lost by Ilari two minutes later in the Juventus trocar, which allows Monopoli to go to the conclusion again this time with Grandolfo, who, however, does not frame the face of the goal from the edge of the area. Monopoli presses and at 12 ‘takes the lead: cross from the left by Mercadante, Gonnelli in an attempt to reject the ball with a head mocking Nardi. Borrelli at 17 ‘stops Pierini irregularly on the edge and gets the first yellow card of the match. The same number 10 takes charge of the joke, his conclusion ends up not by much. Monopoli believes in the next round and continues to fight on all the balls, at 21 ‘Vassallo’s powerful right-foot ends over the crossbar of the goal defended by Nardi. A handful of seconds after Bussaglia’s cross, captain Piccinni with the head does not frame the mirror. Borrelli’s violent right-footed shot on 29 ‘from the top right of the area that touches the intersection to the left of the goalkeeper, yet another attempt by a Monopoli thirsting for a double advantage, necessary to pass the round. Pugliesi who collect conclusions: at 35 ‘it is Grandolfo’s turn, the left-hander from outside him is deflected for a corner by the defense. Yet another cross by a tireless Mercadante from the left immediately after, Grandolfo does not arrive by a whisker and Nardi blocks on the ground. Guiebre then tries, always from outside the box in the 38th minute, the home defender with a shot of the kidneys removes her from under the crossbar. Cesena returns to be seen in the 45th minute with a header from Allievi on a free kick taken by Pierini near the flag, a ball that ends up high. In the minute of recovery space for a free kick from the hosts from an interesting position, Pierini touches for Caturano who kicks to the stars. Cesena returns to the locker room at a disadvantage and with the boos of its fans.

Already at 47 ‘the Monopoli returns to become dangerous on the development of a free-kick beaten by Viteritti who nearly finds the winning deviation. A minute later it is Guiebre who tries his luck from the outside, without success. At 56 ‘Ilari turns into the area and kicks with his left-handed without giving power to the ball, no problem for Loria. Monopoli continues to play the game, Cesena continues his game with the same renouncing attitude of the first half. At 66 ‘the first changes of Viali: Bortolussi and Ardizzone give way to Pittarello and Missiroli. At 67 ‘combines the omelette Nardi, who loses a ball and commits a foul on Borrelli: penalty and expulsion. Benedettini replaces Caturano, senses Mercadante’s penalty but it is not enough: Monopoli which doubles. Manuzzi gelato, the 218 visiting fans celebrate. At 79 ‘Viali sends Tonin and Zecca to the field in place of Ciofi and Pierini. The Apulian formation touches the trio in the 84th minute with Starita jumping Benedictines but does not just frame the mirror. 3 ‘after Steffè’s corner, Missiroli turns right but hits Loria who blocks on the ground. Opportunity for Steffè in the 90th minute, his volley from the edge of the area rises above the crossbar. The referee awards six minutes of injury time. Punishment for Cesena from the edge of the area, near the left vertex: he beats Steffè, Loria rejects badly but Ilari sensationally sends out. The three of a kind in the 97th minute, Mercadante again on a penalty, this time for a foul by Steffè on Guiebre. It ends 0-3, with the whistles and the chorus “Go to work” of the Curva Mare.

CESENA-MONOPOLI 0-3 (first half 0-1)

NETWORKS: 12 ‘pt aut. Gonnelli (C), 23 ‘st rig. Merchant (M), 51’st rig. Merchant (M)

CESENA (4-3-2-1): Nardi, Ciofi (34’st Tonin), Gonnelli, Allievi, Calderoni; Ardizzone, Steffè (21st Missiroli), Ilari; Caturano (22’st Benedictines), Pierini (34’st Mint); Bortolussi (21st Pittarello)

AVAILABLE: Candela, Rigoni, Mulè, Berti, Pogliano, Favale, Frieser,

COACH: Avenues

MONOPOLI (3-5-2): Loria, Arena, Bizzotto, Mercadante; Viteritti, Piccinni (30’st Hamlili), Vassallo (45’st Morrone), Bussaglia (18’st Langella), Guiebre; Grandolfo (30’st Starita), Borrelli

AVAILABLE: Guido, Pambianchi, Fornasier, Romano, Nina, Novella, Rossi, D’Agostino

COACH: Colombo

REFEREE: Maggio from Lodi (assistants Salvalaglio from Legnano and Maninetti from Lovere; 4th man Petrella from Viterbo)

NOTES: corners 5-2 for Monopoli; booked Tonin, Pittarello (C), Borrelli, Piccinni, Arena (M); Nardi (C) expelled at 22’st recoveries: 1’pt and 6’st

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