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Modify your sales methods, by integrating content marketing

Align sales and marketing

Commerce and Marketing are intimately linked. In order to optimize the company’s sales, it is necessary to define a common strategy. This will establish objectives allowing progress in the same direction. Making teams work together, identifying needs, writing relevant content, these are the new facts of successful companies. Putting in place a content marketing strategy is the guarantee of a coherent approach.

How to do ? By communicating to begin with. Marketing is in a good position to write relevant content, tailored to your market. However, the sales people are in contact with your prospects and customers, they know the field.

Implement a content marketing strategy

Place all the actors of the company around the table in order to have the same vision of its strategy and its challenges. What is the image of the company, what is its added value, how does it respond to the problems of your customers?

Define together the approach and the speech, the user journey on your website to accompany your visitors.

Your customers are like you: they search for information online. Make sure that it is accessible, understandable and coherent to facilitate the act of purchase.

One of the most important lessons to stress is that content cultivates a relationship between a salesperson and a prospect as it is the conduit for establishing trust and rapport with them.

“Sales professionals should be directly connected to their buyers in ways that Marketing is not,” says Koka Sexton, the global industry principal at Hootsuite.

“When research shows that over 60 percent of buyers went with the vendor who had the best content the need for salespeople to understand content marketing and how it supports the active sales cycle is one of the most important things for them to wrap their heads around.”

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