Microlino 2.0: The Swiss “E-Isetta” will start in summer 2022

After a three-year delay, the Microlino finally goes on sale. The first vehicles will be delivered from summer 2022. The Swiss Micro Mobility Systems AG announced this in an online presentation at the end of May.

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The Pioneer Series comes standard with a 10.5 kWh battery, 177 km range and sunroof. How To Cars editor Moritz Doka was already in the pre-series vehicle and knows how it drives.

Thanks to the sliding roof (optional), editor Moritz Doka can keep an eye on everything and always keep a cool head.

Microlino maximal

How much space do you actually need to get from A to B on your own? Is a compact, a station wagon or even an SUV necessary at all? Probably not for most everyday routes, if we’re honest. In principle, two seats and some storage space are usually sufficient. And this is exactly where the Microlino should start. With the small electric vehicle, the Swiss company Micro wants to go against the trend of ever larger cars and show what mobility can be. Is that what? AUTO BILD has tried it! (All information about the environmental bonus for electric cars.)

Cabin scooter of the 1950s as a model

On-site appointment in Zurich. Micro is on the top floor of a large family home, with a bodywork shop on the ground floor. And before that: lots of colorful balls called Microlino. You have to grin just looking at it. “We wanted a timeless design inspired by the 1950’s bubble bath,” explains Merlin Ouboter, CMO of Micro. The front-hinged door naturally brings back memories of the Isetta. But the Microlino is not a cheap copy. Continuous light strips at the front and rear and LED headlights integrated into the exterior mirrors give it a modern look.

In contrast to the first prototypes, the series Microlino relies on a self-supporting body instead of a tubular space frame.

Our test vehicle is matt gray and still a prototype. Open the door, sit in. Steering wheel and steering column are fixed, we take a seat on a continuous bench. Typical of the prototype, some fairing is still missing, which is why we are not yet allowed to take any photos of the cockpit. Behind the steering wheel sits a digital cockpit, another small display in a holder bar in the door. There is even heating, a Bluetooth music box, a smartphone holder and heated seats. Amenities are therefore already available, even if the Microlino is classified as a motorcycle in the vehicle registration document.

The Microlino is also in a good mood with 20 hp

But now release the handbrake, selector wheel to “D” and off you go. It quickly becomes clear: the 15 kW electric motor (20 hp) has an easy time with the unladen weight of around 450 kg. Even with two people on board, 50 km/h uphill is no problem. A maximum of 90 km/h is possible, which feels massively faster in this ball.
The matt gray makes the Microlino even more eye-catching. Comment from a passer-by: “Looks like a small tank.”

curves? Funny! Thanks to the relatively wide rear track and independent wheel suspension, the Microlino can be thrown around the corner quite adequately, the steering is servoless and beautifully direct. In the prototype we drove, it is still quite loud due to the lack of insulation. This is improved on the series but just as much as the too high seating position.

Maximum range of 200 kilometers

On the other hand, the enormous sympathy factor is already outstanding. People crane their necks, pull out their smartphones and watch. With a length of 2.4 meters, we were seldom more conspicuous. Speaking of size: in addition to two people, the Microlino also has space for luggage. Two crates of drinks shouldn’t be a problem for the trunk.


With sliding windows and a manual folding roof, the Microlino finds its way back to simplicity. Nothing more was needed here.

We have to make our way back to the home base, but there’s still juice in the battery for more. Micro specifies a maximum range of 125 kilometers for the 8 kWh battery of the prototype, 200 kilometers with 14.4 kWh. The vehicle is charged in around four hours at the household socket. All information about subsidies for the Wallbox.

Price from around 12,500 euros

It is already being produced diligently in Turin. And starting this summer, Micro will be shipping the Pioneer Series. But first only to Switzerland. Then it is the turn of customers from Germany and Italy. You will get your Microlino in the last quarter of 2022. Or in the first quarter of the following year. But then also in the variants Dolce (for the retro lovers) and Competizione (for the futurists). Rest of Europe has to hire out until 2023. The basic “Urban” version with a 6 kWh battery and a range of 91 km will not be available before summer 2023.

Prices will start at around 12,500 euros. The manufacturer says there are already around 30,000 interested parties. Delivery dates and prices are still uncertain. The manufacturer emphasized several times that they, as a small producer, are feeling the full impact of the interrupted supply chains. More precise information is therefore not possible.

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