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Michela Coppa her life between healthy food and yoga – The stories of the protagonists of Food

Michela Coppa has hosted many important programs on television, and has been promoting a healthy lifestyle through her social media accounts. She posts recipes related to her functional diet and her daily activity connected to the well-being of the spirit and body. She has been practicing yoga for a long time and has recently become a Yoga Teacher.

It has recently been involved in the project of Flora courtyardin the heart of Milan, which represents a new reference point for healthy and quality cuisine.

Michela after programs such as Word of Mouth and Corrida, what is your approach to the world of food and healthy nutrition due to?

For 10 years I have been running Italian recipes for Mediaset, which allowed me to enter the Italian companies that produce our excellences. As a parmigiana doc and a lover of good food, I immediately fell in love with the products of excellence of our country such as cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil or mozzarella DOP. When you start tasting high quality products you can’t go back and so you realize that your dishes are better and healthier with excellent ingredients.

How did your transition to the world of social media happen?

After 17 years of television and always traveling around Italy, I needed a more “sweet” lifestyle. I understood that social media could become my personal television channel, where I could really show who Michela was with her passions, and above all, they allowed me to interact directly with my followers. In this way, within a year, I was able to create an identity linked both to the world of food, which I carried with me from my years of television and personal experience, but also to yoga. In general, what I have focused on is well-being. My goal is to share, as I do every day in life, my direct experiences in favor of the female audience.

Have you discovered a new way to eat?

From a very young age I understood the importance of eating well and that this had important effects on health. I also had the opportunity to collaborate in the editing of the book “Functional recipes”. Book (BUR series), created jointly with nutritionist Sara Farnetti, which deals with the need to eat a healthy diet and acquire good habits at the table, which can be in tune with our body and our lifestyle . In addition to presenting a varied collection of meals and snacks, the reader is directed, with targeted choices, towards a new level of awareness on the function of food, associations and preparations, in a few easy steps. In addition, with this unique collection of recipes, we have tried to eliminate doubts in the choice of foods, their combination and cooking methods. Trying to indicate those that are most suitable for enhancing the nourishment to make it available and healthy for the body.

Your new book has just come out “For a year of well-being“, Can you tell us something more?

Over the years, I have transformed the search for well-being into a real lifestyle, into a mission to be shared on social networks with thousands of people. In this book, I want to propose a real annual program, dedicated to the health of the body and mind through healthy recipes, yoga sequences, breathing techniques, insights on seasonal superfoods, but also herbal teas and decoctions and home made natural beauty tips. For example, a facial massage with extra virgin olive oil for 5 minutes and then a scrub made with a mix of coffee and honey which is an anti-fatigue tip.

So every month of the year is dedicated to a particular theme (from detox to purification, up to metabolic activation, vitality and much more). For example, the month of January is dedicated to detox, after the holiday period, the body needs a restart.

So for each month I present my strategies, proposing three recipes that are made for the same functionality and made exclusively with seasonal products. Then we move on to drinks, such as herbal teas, decoctions or extracts, then to the beauty natural tips, and finally I conclude with the yoga part with breathing exercises dedicated to the topic of the month.

Can you tell us about your passion for yoga?

To date I would not be able to do without it, it is part of my days. During a trip to Miami I approached this practice, and during my stay, it taught me something new every day. I felt the psychophysical well-being that yoga gave me. It was a wonderful way to get to know myself more, and I literally fell in love with this practice. This path was completed in 2019 when I took a trip to India which led me to become a Yoga Teacher.

And today, I try to teach yoga in a functional way, with focuses directly linked to well-being.

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Cortile Flora, in the heart of Milan,you are a consultant for the creation of recipes that embrace his idea of ​​balanced nutrition.

The collaboration was born in a very natural way, I immediately became passionate about this place and the project that I partly made my own. I tried to create recipes that embrace my idea of ​​balanced nutrition in total synergy with the chef Daniele Bellandi and with the philosophy of the restaurant, where the quality of the raw materials and the home-made workmanship are the values ​​at the base of the project.

We have thus inserted some simple dishes linked to my way of cooking, such as the homemade tricolor Orecchiette with nettle, beetroot and turmeric, sautéed with fresh tomato and basil, or my version of Tiarè salad with mixed salad, vegan meatballs with chickpeas, cucumbers, olives, yellow and green tomatoes, fennel, grated carrots and Michela sauce made with avocado, extra virgin olive oil, salt, coriander.

They are all dishes that respect my way of being and eating, healthy, tasty and healthy.

How do you manage to combine all your activities with your private life?

I have to say it’s tough, becoming a mom turns you into a super hero, you can do things you thought you could never deal with. Of course I have some help for home management, but I am also lucky enough to be able to carry out most of my work directly from home.

How did you experience the Covid-19 period?

I must say that my activity on social networks has increased a lot, I felt part of a collective and above all I made myself available to help and spend time with the people who followed me and who are gradually becoming more and more part of my life.

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