Lotito: ‘Market? With Sarri he must change the backbone of the team. Poor results depend on the press and the environment, I’m disgusted ‘| First page

On the sidelines of the presentation of the withdrawal of Auronzo di Cadore, the president of Lazio, Claudio Lotito, has released some statements on the season and on the criticisms received:

RESULTS – “The season ends on Saturday. So let’s see what our positioning will be. There is some regret because the team was equipped to do very well. However, changes always lead to adjustments and also unexpected moments, but in the general economy we hope to consolidate the positioning and that it does not make us regret our expectations too much. The future is linked to a totally different logic. The change of technical leadership involves the need to change the team’s backbone, while trying to keep the main elements standing and those who have shown greater attachment. We are working to achieve and improve the objectives and expectations “.

THE SFURIATA – “I also believe that part of the results and situations that have arisen also depend on the environmental aspect. If we continue to be treated only in the subordinate way to other realities, we are not doing the good of the club. The reality is totally different from how it is told. And those who speak of Lazio also have part of the responsibility. One realizes, listening to radio and various programs, that it is a disheartening treatment for this club. Everything takes second place and what others do becomes our demerit. We are second to none, from no point of view. Above all from that of enthusiasm and the desire to achieve the maximum. We have made great efforts, but in this country it seems that only the proclamations are evaluated and not the results. We speak with facts. And often these are not translated adequately by the communication. I believe that there is no objective assessment of Lazio. I am disgusted with those who represent things that are totally different from reality. Every time we look for the case and the criticality. As long as I am there – and I will be there again, I hope for a long time, as long as my health assists me – there will never be critical issues. Here, on the other hand, we always try to demolish and destroy and it seems that some people are sorry if things are going well. I expect the truth to always emerge “.

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