Lichtenfels: Family company Robert Hofmann cuts every third job – “unfortunately unavoidable”

  • Lichtenfels: Family company Robert Hofmann cuts every third position
  • “Surprisingly big slump in demand“: fight with situation in automotive field
  • company still heavily dependent on the industry
  • That’s how it goes with them employees continue

Die Robert Hofmann GmbH in Lichtenfels becomes one drastic job cuts make. The medium-sized family company, which manufactures assemblies and parts for various industrial sectors, announced this in a statement. Accordingly, in the course of a since 2017 ongoing “reorganization” deleted every third job will. This is “unfortunately inevitable,” it says.

Lichtenfels companies: 60 to 70 of 200 jobs will be cut

The company has been experiencing one since 2017 changing marketslike it ‘in this form in the above 30-year history” has not yet been given have. Affected is the automotive industry. Despite numerous restructurings, the company is still hanging around Half of the orders to the automotive industry. “Unfortunately, there was one here this year surprisingly large slump in demand“, Managing Director Oliver Hofmann is quoted as saying.

“In order to maintain the future viability of the company, we see each other forced to once again accelerate the restructuring that had begun. In the course of this, we cannot avoid our Reduction of core workforce by 60 to 70 employees“, Hofmann continues. Overall, they currently employ around 200 people. You want to do it with the help of a transfer company “operational Avoid layoffs and the necessary reduction in jobs so socially acceptable design as possible”.

It is said that these steps were coordinated in advance with the collective bargaining association, the company spokespersons and the employment agency. Altogether one puts over two million euros for severance payments and the transfer company ready. “These measures are “unfortunately inevitable” and served the “central goal of securing as many jobs as possible and that Company fit for the future to do,” it says.

Family company Robert Hofmann sees itself “well positioned” despite job cuts

However, you “already have Started actively entering new markets in 2018acquiring projects and initiating changes,” says the managing director. These measures also have the desired effects achievements achieved, “look optimistically into the future”. This is how the company produces the in the aviation industry Windows for the two Airbus models A320 and A350.

With this project, the company has succeeded in “gaining a foothold” in this international market. Another important growth market for the company is the medical technology. Here you have one founded own company. Her job is to develop products independently and bring them to market. That is so far with medical devices succededwho the therapy of Patients with hand symptoms after a stroke or in rheumatic diseases supported.

For the change customers themselves in the course of the restructuring Nothing, promises the boss. “We will continue our orders, as usual, on time and of high quality to edit. With our well-known core competencies, we see ourselves for all future inquiries and challenges well positioned”it shows Lichtenfels family business emphasizes positive.

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