“Let’s Dance” live ticker: Kathrin Menzinger can’t get the mistake out of her head


Final sprint at “Let’s Dance” 2022! Season 15 semifinals are upon us: fight here René Casselly, Janin Ullmann, Mathias Mester and Amira Pocher to get into the final. On May 20th it’s about the title “Dancing Star” 2022. Who will follow in Rúrik Gíslason’s footsteps? In our live ticker you are now well informed. Here’s all the information about the shows – with exclusive backstage insights and hot news.

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“Let’s Dance” live ticker: Countdown to the semifinals

  • Kathrin Menzinger won’t let go of her mistake on show 10: “I’ll think about it all my life”

    We look back again: A week ago Kathrin Menzinger messed up the jive with René Casselly. She still hasn’t digested this moment, as she tells us in the interview: “I’ll think about it for the rest of my life and I’ll be kind of annoyed too.” But mistakes are human, and Kathrin is not a machine – “unfortunately”, as she says herself. And René explains again: “We also like to take the risk because we always want to show things that have never been on ‘Let’s Dance’ and maybe never will be again.”
  • Profi Zsolt bursts out laughing in the interview

    In the interview before the semifinals, we had a very special test for “Let’s Dance” newcomer Zsolt. He was supposed to include the words panties, cucumber and metigel in his answers – and thus put his talent for improvisation to the test. Secret of course! Janin Ullmann doesn’t know anything about the little challenge. Here in the video we show how he keeps struggling with a flash of laughter.

  • Grandma Klara (98) wins a dance lesson with Valentin Lusin

    Recently there was a competition on the “Let’s Dance” Instagram channel in which a senior took a dance lesson Valentin Lusin could win. And that’s her, the lucky winner: Grandma Klara “Klärchen” was allowed to swing her hips with professional Valentin Lusin at the age of 98. You can see the whole story tonight after “Let’s Dance” in the “Exclusive Special”.
  • Breakfast together before the big evening

    The “Let’s Dance” celebrities started the semi-final day together – with a hearty breakfast in the sun, as Amira Pocher shows in her Instagram story. “It was really nice to have breakfast with everyone,” enthuses the 29-year-old. But the excitement is slowly building. A little later in the car she admits: “I’m afraid that it will hit me today…”

  • Renata Lusin never thought that she would reach the semifinals with Mathias

    Profitänzerin Renata chose himself Paralympics star Mathias Mester as a dance partner to show everyone that there are no limits when it comes to dancing! Nevertheless, she never thought that they would really get THAT far, as she now admits in our interview: “I was hoping that we’d go 3.4 shows and that we wouldn’t be knocked out straight away. That we’re in the semifinals here now – oh my god!”In the video, she explains why the new choreos are a surprise for her every week.
  • Ekaterina Leonova as “Let’s Dance” intern

    Ekaterina has not been on the dance floor with Bastian Bielendorfer for two weeks. That’s why she’s cleaning it now – as a “Let’s Dance” intern! Shortly before the semifinals, the professional dancer changes perspective and checks out the jobs behind the scenes.

  • Oh oh! “Let’s Dance” semifinals on Friday the 13th

    Have you looked at the calendar today? It’s Friday the 13th! Is the semi-final now under a bad star? We asked René Casselly and Kathrin Menzinger if they are superstitious and what rituals bring them luck before the show.

  • “Let’s Dance” review: Valentina Pahde demanded EVERYTHING from “Impro Dance”.

    For actress Valentina Pahde, the “Impro Dance Even More Extreme” was a particularly big challenge. She pulled the slow waltz, which she had never danced before! A moment of shock for the GZSZ star. But together with Valentin Lusin she delivered anyway! We now show the 26-point dance again in the video.
  • Huge jitters before the “Impro Dance Even More Extreme”

    The improvisation challenge in the semi-finals of “Let’s Dance” also requires a lot of nerves from the celebrities. After all, they have to be prepared for 12 different dances and learn spontaneously in the live show which dance they have to perform to which song. René Casselly and Kathrin Menzinger are certain: “We would generally look forward to standard dances.” It’s a bit different for Amira Pocher, as she reveals in an interview with Steffi Brungs: “I’m really scared of the Viennese waltz because we haven’t had it yet.” She would be happy about a cha cha cha or a samba. For Renata Lusin, dance is not crucial. She gives Mathias something else for the challenge: “The most important thing is that he feels the music.”

  • Amira Pocher “just before cabin fever”

    Two new dances and then the “Impro Dance Even More Extreme” – the semi-finals of “Let’s Dance” is the toughest show of all! Amira Pocher felt it firsthand this week, as she reveals in an interview with Steffi Brungs. “This week I was on the verge of cabin fever. All the accumulated stress, fatigue and everything came out. I had one or two emotional outbursts.” Her Dance partner Massimo Sinató can understand that well. He already knows the stress of the semi-finals from the last few seasons: “Excitement plays a very, very important role for the couples in the semi-finals.” His tip to Amira: “Very important: keep your nerves, rely on your partner and the team.”
  • Ekaterina Leonova chats on Instagram from the sewing box

    Profitänzerin Ekat was a guest in our “Let’s Dance” sewing box talk on Instagram this week and brought along a lot of laughs and some spicy details from the training Bastian Bielendorfer told. It’s worth taking a look!

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