Lazio, Rome, Fiorentina, Atalanta: all about detached rankings and direct clashes

One hundred and eighty minutes of fire, to be experienced with a calculator always at hand. There are four teams enclosed in three points, all looking for a place in next year’s Uefa competitions. There Lazio is currently ahead of 62, followed by Roma, Fiorentina e Atalanta a 59.


Basically, the useful places in this special mini-ranking are three. But there is the variable of the final in Tirana which, once the championship has already finished, could alter the scenarios: if the Giallorossi win the Conference League and finished in eighth place, there would be an extreme case, the only one that would guarantee Italy 8 clubs. overall at the starting line of the European cups of the 2022/2023 season. In all other possible scenarios there will be 7 in total. And if the 4 that will go to the Champions League are already official, everything is still open as regards the fifth and sixth place that give the ticket for the groups of the Europa League (there are two because the winner of the Coppa Italia tonight is already mathematically in the maximum Uefa competition) and the seventh which instead leads to the Conference League playoffs. Even in this case, however, there is an exception to be considered: if Roma wins the final of May 25 in Tirana with Feyenoord from seventh in Serie A, then there would be three Italian clubs qualified in the Europa League and none would take part. at the Conference (at least until the round of 32 of the competition). An interlocking game in which it is more than likely that direct clashes will also prove decisive (discriminating factor with two teams on equal points) and the detached ranking (criterion number one in the case of 3 or more clubs with the same score):


To avoid having to make certain calculations, the momentary Lazio “leaders” of this special championship in the championship should score at least 4 points in the next two games: these would in fact give the mathematical certainty of fifth place. In Rome (now sixth), on the other hand, 6 are needed for the arithmetic qualification for the cups (excluding the epilogue of the Conference League final): regardless of the position in the standings of the Biancocelesti, in fact, with two successes it would maintain the current advantage on Fiorentina and Atalanta in the detached standings and in direct clashes (with the Viola he is tied, but at the moment he has a better overall goal difference).

The same goes for the Italians, because by winning the last two matches they would leave Atalanta behind in any case (round trip) and would be sure of at least seventh place. The Goddess, on the other hand, cannot rely on herself alone. In addition to scoring as many points as possible, he must necessarily hope for missteps by direct competitors, being last in all potential combinations with more than 2 contenders on equal points, including the formula that sees the 4 with the same score at the end of the championship: in that case Roma would be placed “first” (at 12), followed by Lazio (11), Fiorentina (9) and, in fact, Atalanta (2). In short, it will be one hundred and eighty minutes of fire. Better if with a calculator always at hand.

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