Kia XCeed review 2022

Do you remember the 1980s and the mode for applying gravestone cladding to houses? Well, thanks to buses like the Kia Xceed, it’s back, sort of. Except for its not sheathing houses presently, but buses; and it’s not gravestone, but black plastic, with a bit of bolstering work thrown in.

Grounded on the Kia Ceed hatchback, the Xceed is a crush-up of the hatchback and stinky SUV styling; it wears smart plastic wheel bends, chunkier fenders and a stout set of roof rails. Oh, and the suspense has been raised by 44 mm to further accentuate its all-terrain bournes.
What differently is different? Well, while the distance between the front and hinder bus (the wheelbase) remains the same as that of the regular Ceed, so it provides identical passenger space, the Xceed is longer overall. That means it has a bigger charge than the hatchback, but not the Ceed Sportswagon estate.

The suspense has also been revised, with softer settings and some clever mutes. Together these aim to give an enjoyable lift while maintaining the everyday running characteristics of a regular hatchback.
Does all this produce a family auto that combines the stylish of both worlds, or are you better off sticking to the traditional kinds? In case a Volkswagen Golf hatchback or, if you want a commodity a little bigger, a Skoda Kamiq SUV?

Read on to find out and also, once you’ve decided which make and model suits you stylish, make sure you check out our free What Auto? New Car Buying service to find the stylish prices on hundreds of new buses without any hassle.

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