KGS students are calling for more charging stations for electric cars

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Pattenser KGS students are campaigning for more electric charging stations in the city

Pattensen Center.It had taken a long time. As the last of the 21 municipalities in the Hanover region, the city of Pattensen has now created public charging stations for electric cars at two locations. One is located at Pattenser Bad, the other on the corner of Heinz-Golitz-Strasse and Marienstrasse. But for eleventh-year students at the Ernst Reuter School, that’s not enough. As part of a climate protection project, they developed the idea of ​​installing additional charging stations in the parking lots at the KGS. But the city is initially reluctant to do so.

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“We think that’s a good idea,” says 17-year-old student Sina Reichel. She is in the eleventh grade at the Ernst Reuter School and takes part in a profile course in the Climate protection project “How to: climate change” by SPD member of the Bundestag Matthias Miersch. “We had already talked to the caretaker of the KGS and the youth parliament about our idea,” says Sina. Together with four classmates, she is committed to increasing the attractiveness of e-mobility in Pattensen. “Teachers and classmates from the upper school have already signaled that they would welcome this and would consider an electric car if there were charging options at KGS,” says Sina.

City and Eon Avacon review eleven locations

In 2020, the city of Pattensen, in cooperation with the energy supplier Eon Avacon, had already checked eleven locations in Pattensen-Mitte using a catalog of criteria for their suitability for e-charging stations. The rating included the car’s idle time, nearby shopping facilities, distance to federal highways, visibility for the company’s image and possible parking spaces. The Calenberg Center ended up in first place in the ranking. There, however, it is up to the center management to implement the construction.

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The KGS site had performed the worst in this review. “A realization of this location has therefore not taken place,” says city employee Renate Riedel. However, Sina is surprised by the rating. The length of stay was given as “short”, which means less than an hour. “Actually, the teachers and students have already been there for several hours. And in the evening, Pattensers from the neighborhood could also use the charging stations,” says the 17-year-old.

Laying electricity as part of the sports hall renovation?

In her opinion, it might be realistic to combine the forthcoming renovation of the sports hall with the laying of appropriate power cables in the direction of the parking lot. But she also says: “If the location at the school is not suitable, we still want to continue to advocate for more charging stations in the city,” says Sina. And that even after the end of the climate protection project in June. “Then at other locations in Pattensen,” she continues.

The administration reports that only the procurement of e-charging stations in connection with the new building of the elementary school and the day-care center in Schulenburg are currently planned. “There are no funds in the city of Pattensen’s budget for additional charging stations,” says Riedel.

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