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Kentucky Bicycle Accident Lawyer 2023

Any road user – including cyclists – is at risk of serious injury from an accident. However, cyclists are especially vulnerable to serious, life-altering, permanent injuries in crashes. As a result, they may incur significant medical bills, require time off work and deal with long-term trauma.

Figuring out how to get through these difficulties is not something you have to do alone. The Kentucky bicycle accident attorneys in our firm can guide and support you throughout the claim process. Our team has over 400 years of collective experience and has won over $2 billion in investments Provide financial compensation to our customers. You can rest easy knowing that the legal experience with Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers is on your side.

What types of damages am I entitled to seek in my bicycle accident case?

Your Isaacs and Isaacs bike accident attorneys will recover every penny you are entitled to, which may include the following:

  • Medical expenses and anticipated future care
  • Loss of income for future income and benefits
  • Diminished earning potential
  • Bicycle repair or replacement costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Mental anguish
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Wrongful death damages (such as loss of home services and funeral expenses)
  • After a bicycle accident in Kentucky, you have limited time to seek compensation. Generally speakingSection 413.140 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes gives victims one year to file a personal injury lawsuit in court.
  • Meeting this deadline is important. If proceedings begin after the deadline, your options for financial recovery are significantly reduced.

If a bicycle accident in Kentucky involves an automobile, KRS ยง304.39-060(6) may extend the statute of limitations to two years from the date of the accident or the date of your last PIP or no-fault payment.

However, if you notify our injury firm adequately, we can help you meet all deadlines associated with your case.

How to Calculate Bicycle Accident Compensation?
One of the most common questions our firm gets from bicycle accident injury victims is “How much will I get paid?” It’s impossible to answer this question without a thorough review of your case. To come up with a number, we’ll evaluate these factors based on your situation:

  • Diagnosis
  • Prognosis
  • Age
  • Mobility
  • Impact on your quality of life
  • Working ability
  • We will seek your medical team and other resources to help us quantify each of your losses.

How Our Bike Accident Lawyers Serving Kentucky Can Handle Your Case
Since our founding in 1993, we have represented victims of injury helping them obtain the compensation they deserve. When one of our personal injury attorneys takes on your case, they can:

  • Request a copy of a bicycle accident report
  • Compile evidence
  • Consult witnesses
  • Negotiate a settlement
  • Identify the at-fault party
  • Handles back and forth between you and other parties
  • Protecting you from malicious actions by insurance companies
  • In most personal injury cases, we can agree on a settlement offer without going to court. If negotiations don’t go as planned, we’re ready to continue fighting for you in front of a jury for damages.

Compensation Attorney’s Help Throughout Your Bike Accident Case
It is understandable to be concerned about hiring Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers due to the potential cost. However, you need not worry as our law firm operates according to theContingency Fee Basis. This payment arrangement involves:

  • Review your case for free on your initial call
  • No retainers
  • No hourly or out-of-pocket fees
  • If your attorney wins the settlement or court award, they will deduct fees from that amount. In other words, if you don’t get reimbursed, they won’t either.

Who Can Be Liable in Your Kentucky Bike Accident Claim or Lawsuit

In many cases, other drivers involved may be responsible for your bicycle accident. if they:

  • Failed to check blind spots
  • Bikers open their doors without checking
  • Drove while distracted
  • Drove drowsy
  • Drove under the influence
  • turning or changing lanes incorrectly
  • Sped
  • Showed road rage
  • However, in some cases, responsibility can be confusing. Other parties who may be responsible for your accident include:

Government agencies, if they fail to address defective roads or debris in a timely manner
Another road user, if the driver tries to avoid them and hits you in the process
Auto parts manufacturers, if they have produced defective parts
Mechanics, if they have not installed parts properly or performed proper maintenance tests
Sometimes the negligence of multiple parties can lead to bicycle accidents. Your attorney can work to hold these parties accountable for their negligence.

As a cyclist, you are always at some risk of injury. However, practicing safe riding can reduce the risk of an accident. simpleSafety tips for avoiding bicycle accidents include making sure the bike is in good condition, wearing protective gear and following the rules of the road.

What to Do After a Bike Accident in Kentucky
What you do after a bicycle accident can affect the amount of compensation you receive. We recommend that you:

Get Medical Attention Soon
Unlike motorists, cyclists are more vulnerable in accidents because they have little or no protection for their bikes. according toBicycle Accident Statistics Bicyclists are likely to be seriously injured in an accident. This is why wearing safety gear is crucial.

Because cyclists are so vulnerable in a crash, they can be injured in a variety of ways. CommonTypes of cycling injuries include:

  • Road rash
  • Spinal injuries
  • Bone fractures
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Internal injuries

Because injuries from bicycle accidents can be serious, seek medical attention immediately. Whether you go to the emergency room or see your GP, they will likely perform a physical examination and may diagnose you with an injury that you didn’t know existed.

Statement of Waiver of Providing Your Records to Insurance Companies
Usually the insurance company will contact you and ask you to provide a statement for record. Note that this is not the time to tell about bicycle accidents. A statement on the record could allow an insurance company to manipulate your words and use them to undercut your claim.

If they call you, refer them to your legal team. Some of our attorneys have worked for insurance companies, so we know how to approach their strategies.

Get Help Now from Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers
We’re ready to hear what happened in your Kentucky bicycle accident so our attorneys can begin to develop a case strategy that works best for you.

Contact Isaacs & Isaacs Personal Injury Lawyers today for a free consultation. call 1-800-800-8888 .

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