Juventus, the leap in quality between the owners and the bench

Andrea Di Lella, Consultant – Market intermediary and Talent Scout for Italian and foreign players and clubs.

It is only the beginning of June and there is already a great desire, at Juventus, to restart the new season which will have to be clearly different from the one that has just ended.

In reality it is not and has not been a problem not to win but it was not to compete until the end – just to use a phrase so dear to the fans – a real sports “drama”.

The turnaround would already seem clear with the Pogba situations (CLICK HERE) and Di Maria, very close to Juventus who are confident for both and are working to settle the latest negotiations that could make them official in the coming weeks.


With these two (still potential) signings on a free transfer basis, Juventus would already make a significant leap in quality compared to last year; obviously, net of the sales and painful goodbyes (Dybala), Pogba and Di Maria may be enough to get back to the top in Italy but in Europe it definitely takes something more.

A market where there will be a lot to do to fix and fix the squad, there will be 4 championship days until the end of the summer session on 1 September and it will be essential to get off to a good start to get straight on the right track.

The market, as mentioned, can and must necessarily help. But that won’t be the only aspect.

One of the fundamental issues will be to give clear and defined indications since the retirement next July so as not to find oneself like last season with various misunderstandings to unravel.

In this, Allegri will be fundamental. In his first Juventus experience, the Livorno coach often started with a team idea based on a module that he then changed during construction. With the season almost upon us and the situation of the Juventus squad, however, never as in this transfer market need precise convictions.

Which obviously can develop but, given the hectic season that will stop in mid-November for the World Cup, where Juve will have already played 15 championship days and 6 of the Champions League group, there will be very little room for experiments and rethinks on players and disposition. tactics.

Lastly, the quality of the game. In addition to the two players mentioned, other players, more or less top players, may also arrive. But it will be essential to give a defined game, avoiding crushing oneself within the limits of one’s own penalty area and being submissive in terms of ball possession and dangerous actions that last year allowed the bianconeri to be ONLY the tenth attack in Serie A.


In addition to the market, the exclusive task of the management, it is also necessary to make the leap in quality on the field.

And this is clearly the responsibility of the players who, however, are guided by the technical staff. Will Allegri be able to give that little bit extra to get back to winning?

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