Johnny Logan: Victory and fame are “only by-products” at ESC

He will also be part of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 – if only in the live show “ESC – Countdown für Turin” with Barbara Schöneberger (48) shortly before the final on May 14 (8:15 p.m., Das Erste) . Logan is already looking forward to that, as he says in an interview with spot on news: “It’s nice to be part of the excitement.” The 67-year-old also reveals how he remembers his ESC victories, what he misses about the competition these days and what he would like for his birthday on May 13th.

It’s been 35 years since you won the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time with the ballad “Hold Me Now”. How do you remember this triumph?

Johnny Logan: It was unlike anything I’ve experienced before or since. The week was very emotional and stressful and as nobody else had or has won the Eurovision Song Contest more than once it was like a dream at times. It was very exciting and ultimately a time when I was very proud. Also singing my own song and winning with it has given me credibility both as a writer and as an artist.

The victory was a change of direction in your life, before that things weren’t going so well for you artistically. What did the ESC appearance in 1987 mean to you?

Logan: He kickstarted my career and allowed me to be taken seriously as a writer and artist.

What is special about the ESC for you to this day?

Logan: The memories of all three wins. They never fade and I won them at a time when representing your country was a great honor and winning meant something.

In your opinion, how has the competition changed since the 1980s?

Logan: I think the song contest has followed music trends and is now more like “X Factor” or one of the talent shows. I miss the live orchestra music. I think that many of the participating artists are not experienced enough to realize that the main goal is to represent their country well, while victory and fame are just by-products.

Would you like to be on the ESC stage again?

Logan: No.

You are also celebrating a 30th anniversary this year: in 1992 you had your third ESC victory with the title “Why Me?” achieved, this time as a composer. How proud were you of yourself and Linda Martin back then?

Logan: I was very proud of Linda’s performance and I loved the song. It was different being in the background, but ultimately very fulfilling.

You hold a record with your ESC victories. Are you proud to be considered an ESC legend?

Logan: I’m very proud of my record and the songs and performances that gave me it.

You will be seen on television alongside Barbara Schöneberger for this year’s finale. Are you already looking forward to this event?

Logan: Absolutely. It’s nice to be part of the excitement but also to be able to view it from a distance.

You celebrate your birthday the day before. What do you wish for the new year of your life?

Logan: I wish for an end to the war in Ukraine and a world where those in power have a greater moral conscience. It would also be nice not to have Covid anymore.

What private and professional plans do you have for the rest of the year?

Logan: I wrote and recorded new music. I’m looking forward to touring with my band, writing more music and seeing what the future holds.

On his “The Irish Soul Tour” Johnny Logan gives five concerts in Germany: in Augsburg (May 24), Bochum (May 26), Bensheim (May 27), Hamburg (May 28) and Wilhelmshaven (May 29). ).

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