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Italians and healthy food

Between taste and well-being, healthy food makes its way onto our tables

From the Sicily at the Valle d’AostaItaly is the boot that, between strengths and weaknesses, is known all over the world for art culinary and the inimitable products at km 0. Mediterranean cuisine embraces a thousand different traditions, rich in variety of ingredients and flavors and has always been considered the diet that par excellence provides the right balance between taste and well-being. But for some time the Italians have made space on their tables athealthy food (healthy food). A thoughtful and careful choice, attention is focused more on the nutritional values, the origin and the composition of the food, than merely on the taste. There are several food currents that have become real lifestyles: omnivores, vegans, vegetarians, macrobiotics, raw foodists, fruitarians and many others; The food on our tables is now carefully selected following the most disparate criteria.

food-300x220There are those who protect the animal world, those of plants, those who are in favor of cooking and those who despise it, those who respect nature in all its forms and those who do not deprive themselves of anything but in addition to good health, they also aim for aesthetic results, in fact the world of fitness sees more and more people who work in the care and definition of their body, starting right from nutrition. The palate is therefore no longer the protagonist of our meals, the body is now understood as a temple, a machine that requires specific elements to function correctly. Space therefore for fruit and vegetables that are the masters, for foods with a high percentage of proteins and carbohydrates depending on the need, well balanced with sugars and calories; infusions, teas and centrifuges to regulate the body; whole or unprocessed foods; soy and rice. There is now a specific knowledge of our body, the result of careful documentation, through websites, TV programs, newspapers and social networks that scrupulously illustrate how to structure a correct diet. This is precisely the innovation: the possibility of knowing our organism, the function of food, the way to combine them according to one’s “food current” and in addition to being able to choose between different products suitable for every particular need. . We therefore choose our own food path to feel good about ourselves, find an inner balance, prevent diseases and respect what surrounds us. But quiet grandmothers from all over Italy … Sunday meatballs remain a moral duty even for the most rigid!

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