“It got me so bad”


At the crowning conclusion of the farm week “Farmer is looking for a woman internationally” kidnapped Asparagus farmer Rüdiger his chosen one to a romantic vantage point. And while the sun sets in South Africa, the love star rises to unimagined heights. Rudiger opens Lady-in-waiting Martina his heart and makes her a confession of love: “It hit me so hard. It rattled in my heart and in my head…” Martina has also developed great feelings for her farmer. And so the two seal with their first kiss that they will give love a chance. You can see the romantic happy ending in South Africa in the video above.

“Welcome New Beginning”

“Who sent me this angel here?” – Rüdiger can hardly believe that in ‘his old age’ he actually develops such great feelings for a woman again. Martina just really liked the 58-year-old. And that’s exactly what he tells her. His lady-in-waiting also feels more than just butterflies in his stomach. After the romantic kiss in the sunset, Martina is finally on cloud nine. The nanny is so infatuated that she would even give up her German homeland for Rüdiger: “Welcome to a new beginning”.

The pain of parting follows the happy ending

Lady-in-waiting Martina can well imagine spending the rest of her life with Rüdiger in South Africa. But before the two can start their future together, Martina has to go back to Germany. A farewell that is very difficult: “It hurts to leave now”.

Farmer Rüdiger is also overcome by his feelings after Martina’s departure. He sheds a few tears when his new love leaves his farm: “The farewell at the taxi was the worst moment I’ve experienced in a long time.” You can see the warm but also painful farewell of the two here:

“Bauer sucht Frau International” – all video highlights in the playlist

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Whether France, Canada, Peru or South Africa – what happened in season 4 on the farms of the five “Bauer sucht Frau International” candidates can be viewed online at any time: All episodes of the global search for love are available online on RTL+. (pcs)


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