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Instant happy!: These thoughts make you happier immediately! – FIT FOR FUN

Keep these things in mind every day and you will not only be happier, but also more full of life!

  1. Everything doesn’t always have to be perfect!
    Whether it’s the new project at work, the lavish Sunday dinner for the family, or the hairstyle on a date with your dream man – it doesn’t always have to be perfect to be good! The most important thing is that you did your best and that you can see the result. Just think about the things that worked out instead of getting hung up on the little things. That only spoils your mood and unfortunately doesn’t save the dry Sunday roast anymore!
  2. Every experience takes you further!
    Don’t always book defeats as “failure”, but try to learn from negative experiences as well. These mistakes or mishaps will certainly not happen to you again in this form. This puts you ahead of many, because people who never dare or take risks often miss the opportunity to achieve things that are not served directly on a silver platter. Be brave and stand by decisions that you would have made differently in hindsight. That realization alone might have been worth it.
  3. All hard times will pass!
    No matter how desperate you are right now or what crisis is hitting your life, realize that everything will eventually pass. You feel exactly when the point is reached where you don’t know what to do anymore. Now is the time to act! Whether it’s a tough decision, a move, a loss, or a difficult conversation. Actively deal with the things that make life difficult for you. Clear up the legacy and finally look to the future with confidence again, because you can be sure of one thing – things can only get better from now on!
  4. Anticipation is the greatest joy!
    When you’re really down and just dragging yourself through the day, always think about the things that drive you and that you can look forward to. This can be the next holiday, a meeting with friends, the next visit to the hairdresser or falling asleep with your partner. If you find that there is little that cheers you up, then you should definitely create these impulses in life. Make plans, set goals, or go on a date. You’ll find that great things you plan for the future can make you happier in the present.

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