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Inspiration: The 7 Best Content Marketing Blogs

Content marketing is a field of activity, and as in all specialties, it is possible to find professionals who share their knowledge through their blog.

Today we invite you to discover our selection of blogs on content marketing , as well as the people who make them live. You will find ideas and advice that will help you progress!

1. Audrey Tips

If you want valuable advice to make your site or blog a success, you can count on Audrey and her blog #audreytips . The author shares many articles on various themes.

audreytips e1599830474807

But the author is not Audrey! This is a virtual assistant imagined by Laurent, a talented entrepreneur!

All the articles have one thing in common: they are full of tips for you to improve your content marketing strategy. How to write a catchy title? How to carry out a competition analysis? How to generate more leads? Nothing is left out! The blog is very regularly enriched and the subjects are always topical.

2. Ad-Free Day

Le Jour sans pub is a blog that teaches you 1001 things about advertising and content marketing while being very entertaining. The posts are written by Babette Auvray-Pagnozzi, but also by very creative writers who dare to share their message frankly.


The subjects are very varied but revolve around a common point: advertising . Some posts talk about advertisers, others about slogans. They are a source of inspiration and a nice way to cultivate yourself in your spare time.

3. In your ad

In the same spirit as Le Jour sans pub, we find the blog Dans ta pub . Behind the tickets that deal with current events in the world of advertising, we find Gabriel Teisson as well as Erwan le Roch.

The blog is distinguished by the high quality of the publications which deal marvelously well with the news of advertising. You will find advice, innovative and unique content, but also a close-knit community that does not hesitate to help young people who want to join the community.

4. Contentologist

Contentologue is a very interesting blog for anyone who wants to start writing a book. You will find tips for writing, tips for improving your technique and even all the information you need to be published.

A veritable gold mine, Sophie Gauthier’s blog has managed to find its audience over the years. Note that the entrepreneur also offers training!

5. C-Marketing

The Belgian blog C-Marketing offers long and very well-constructed articles for all those who wish to benefit from better visibility. Tips to be better referenced, tips for perfect writing, strategy, competition…

blog inspiration e1599830674616

Christiane Watershoot is aimed at companies as well as the self-employed and craftsmen. Each subject is treated in a very complete and perfectly popularized way. We appreciate the articles with the errors to avoid which perfectly illustrate the points to be improved.

6. Interactive pen

With her blog Plume interactive , Eve Demange shares advice and tips for producing quality content.

blog inspiration 3 e1599830881338

This freelance writer has a credo: storytelling and she helps you use it in your publications.

The author of the many posts that we appreciate thanks to the quality of the writing has another asset, it helps you find inspiration! Your content is more original and thus reflects your personality.

7.Social Media For You

The Social Media For You blog is arguably the most useful of them all. Why ? Well because it answers the questions we ask ourselves. How to post Instagram photos on Facebook? How to improve your LinkedIn profile?

blog inspiration 2 e1599830767122

You will have understood: the blog gives pride of place to social networks. A blog to remember and read regularly!

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