Immobile and Luis Alberto miss Verona?

Ciro Immobile will miss Verona. According to the “Corriere dello Sport”, the ankle injury will force him to stay out even on the last day. Unless Vlahovic’s resounding goalscorer, called up by Allegri for Florence despite being in warning and risks a disqualification for next year, the Lazio bomber will graduate top scorer for the fourth time (2013-2014 with Toro, 2017-2018 and 2019- 2020 with Lazio). And he will do it without taking the field. To the desperation of his fantasy coaches too.

Immobile out col Verona

Immobile pays for the injury suffered in Lazio-Sampdoria, he played the second half “with a foot and a half,” said Sarri. He got one sprained right ankle, he tried to recover for Turin, nothing to do. The second attempt, valid for Lazio-Verona, failed. The audition was scheduled yesterday, he didn’t. The ankle still hurts, the company has not clarified the extent of the injury, it is possible that some joint problems have been found. Not serious, but such as to force him to stop for a long time to allow an easy recovery. Unless surprises, Immobile will also miss Italy-Argentina, the final scheduled at Wembley on June 1st, will put the European champions and the America’s Cup champions against each other. The call had been scheduled for some time, beyond the desire to continue or not in the national team it was a duty call for Ciro and all the Azzurri who won the European Championship.

Lazio, does Luis Alberto miss Verona too?

Immobile will be at the Olimpico tomorrow, on the night of the awards and greetings. It will be the last match for Strakosha, Luiz Felipe and Leiva. All expiring. An award is expected for the Brazilian director, an example of man and player, who will return to Brazil. Sarri must replace the suspended Patric (Luiz Felipe is no longer used, hypothesis Marusic or Radu) and invent a new attack. In Turin he launched Cabral because Pedro had just returned from the stop. Against Verona it can touch Pedro, Felipe Anderson and Zaccagni.

But that is not all: Luis Alberto also risks forfeit. The Magician didn’t train yesterday, he didn’t show up. On Tuesday, after Juve-Lazio, the team had had a cool-down training session and was not there. On Wednesday, the Biancocelesti were free and the Spaniard was framed in one of the photos taken at the Olimpico during the event organized by Zaccagni’s girlfriend to reveal the sex of the child they are waiting for. Today we will understand if Luis’ absence yesterday was temporary and justified by some physical problem or not. It is conceivable that you will not play tomorrow. The Magician had also missed the last one of last year (Sassuolo-Lazio) due to disqualification (yellow in the previous round). Sarri, already struggling with the absences of Patric and Ciro, has Basic ready for Verona.


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