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Houston weather in January 2023 : Photos and video

Are you planning a trip to Houston in January 2023? Have you been wondering what the weather will be like? If so, then this blog post is for you! We’ll take a look at the average temperature and precipitation expected in Houston during that time of year.

Overview of Houston Weather in January 2023

Houston weather in January 2023 is trending towards the warmest on record with a monthly average temperature of 17.3 degrees Celsius. Despite this, temperatures will dip below the freezing point on a few occasions throughout the month. As for precipitation, Houston is expected to see around 3 to 8 days of precipitation. Although this may not be much by Texas standards, it is enough to make a difference in the city. Keep your clothes handy as Houston weather in January 2023 can be quite chilly!

Daytime Temperatures in January 2023

Houstonians woke up to mild temperatures on January 20th with daytime temperatures averaging around 9 degrees Celsius (53 degrees Fahrenheit). January’s high temperature will be only 3 degrees Celsius (37 degrees Fahrenheit) above the average, but there will be plenty of sunshine with 45% of daylight hours reaching 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). The only precipitation for the month is a light rain that falls on 7 days.

How Sunny is it in January 2023?

Houston weather in January 2023 is looking to be a partly cloudy day with lows in the low 8°C. The daytime highs will reach the upper 60s to 70 degrees. Winds will be out of the north.

Average Maximum Temperature for the Month of January 2023

Houstonians will have a warm month this January as the average maximum temperature reaches 63 degrees. Houston has experienced mild weather in January in the past, but this year may be a bit different. The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for Houston on January 20th through the 24th due to high temperatures and humidity. With temperatures reaching into the mid 70’s, it is important to take precautions to stay healthy.

January 20 is forecast to be the warmest day with a high of 83 degrees, followed closely by the 21st at 82 degrees. The low temperature for the month will be 44 degrees on the 26th. Despite this heat advisory, there are still some mild days left in the month. On the 3rd, for example, the high will only reach 73 degrees while the low will be 51 degrees. So while you may want to bundle up on some of the hottest days, there are still some mild weather days left in January.

This news report was written by Sydney Burchfield and edited by Grace Williamson.

Average Minimum Temperature for the Month of January 2023

As the temperatures start to drop in the evenings, it’s time to bundle up and prepare for some chilly weather in Houston in January. On average, the recorded minimum temperature is 50°F in Houston in January. While this may not seem too bad, it’s important to keep in mind that this is usually the coldest month of the year. Make sure you’re prepared with plenty of warm clothes and accessories to keep you comfortable.

Daytime maximum temperatures average around a cool 15°C (60°F), but occasionally reach 24°C (75°F). It’s also important to note that temperatures can fall quite a bit below freezing at night, with lows of 7°C (45°F) recorded on January 6th.

While it may be a little cold during January, make the most of the sunny days by hitting up some of the city’s attractions. Be sure to check out the Science Museum or enjoy some live music at The Cotillion Room.

Expected Precipitation Levels in January 2023

Houston weather in January 2023 is expected to be warm and dry. The monthly average temperature is forecast to be 9°C, which is warmer than the average temperature for January in the past. However, relative humidity levels are expected to be high at around 73%. This means that most of the time, it will be very uncomfortable to be outside. Winds are also expected to be moderate throughout the month, which could cause some wind chills. In terms of precipitation, only 3 to 8 days of rain are forecast. However, since this is a La Niña year, it is possible that more rain could fall in some areas later in the year.

Dressing Appropriately for the Weather in January 2023

Houston residents are currently preparing for a cold and damp January. According to the World Weather report, the average temperature in Houston in January is 17 degrees Celsius with a low of 3 degrees Celsius and an average high of 9 degrees Celsius. While this may not seem too bad, it is important to remember that Houston experiences variable weather and temperatures can range drastically from day to night. In addition, winds will be out of the east-northeast during most of the day which means that it will be colder than average indoors.

Although January may not be the best month to visit Houston, it is still possible to enjoy the city while dressing appropriately for the weather. When temperatures drop below freezing, be sure to bundle up and take precautions when walking around. In addition, make sure to drink plenty of fluids and avoid venturing outside during foggy or wet conditions.

Additional Tips for Staying Comfortable in Houston in January 2023

As Houstonians gear up for the cold weather that is coming our way in January, it is important to have some tips for staying comfortable. Here are a few:

First and foremost, make sure to wear clothes that will keep you warm. In Houston, temperatures range from 8 degrees as a high to 43 degrees as a low, so it is important to be prepared for anything.

Additionally, make sure to bring along snacks and drinks in case you get hungry or thirsty. And finally, make sure to bundle up! Houston has a range of temperatures, so it is important to be prepared for all of them.

What to Expect from the Weather in Houston During the Rest of the Year

Houstonians who are looking forward to the warmer weather that is predicted for the rest of the year will have to wait a little bit longer. As of this writing, the temperature in Houston is hovering around 64 degrees, which is a little bit warmer than average for this time of year but still not warm enough to wear shorts or short sleeves. Although it is currently cloudy and mild, conditions are expected to change by the end of the month. According to the National Weather Service, January typically sees a rise in temperatures and more sunshine. If you’re planning on traveling to Houston in January, be prepared for variable conditions that could range from mild to hot.

Conclusion: Enjoying the Best of Houston Weather in January 2023

Houston weather in January 2023 is mild with temperatures ranging from 48°F to 60°F. Despite this mild weather, it is still important to dress warmly, as temperatures can drop below freezing at night. Although this month is not especially active in terms of weather, there are a few events that you may want to attend. Houstonians can enjoy the best of the weather by attending festivals or spending time outdoors. Overall, January 2023 is a mild month with some good opportunities to enjoy Houston’s weather.

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