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Health is a very subjective matter and to take care of it you have to start with food: the founding idea of ​​Beeathy, a healthy food delivery startup that takes care of its customers one by one, stems from these simple and shared principles home delivery to each dishes made with high quality raw materials […]

Health is a very subjective issue and to take care of it you must start with nutrition: the basic idea of Beeathystartup in healthy food delivery which takes care of its customers one by one, providing at home to each one dishes made with high quality raw materials and customized according to specific needs of well-being, based on the advice from a nutritionist.

Present and used for many years abroad, l’healthy food deliveryor the home delivery service of balanced and healthy meals, also arrives in Italy and for the first time thanks to Beeathy it is highly personalized: the intuition is of Stefano Bertoli, 33 years old from Pordenonewhich brought the experience acquired in almost ten years abroad to Italy, adapting it to the national market, founding Beeathy in mid-2018.

What differentiates and makes Beeathy unique in the Italian panorama is the high possibility of customizing the menus. The first step is to compile the nutritional test and the verification of one’s physical condition on the site, on the basis of which the platform will show you only the dishes that meet your needs, objectives and tastes, adequate in quantity. If there are specific needs or recognized pathologies, it is possible to book a consultation with the nutritionist that supports the startup since its inception. Il customer care it is also always active, even outside office hours and on weekends. Customization does not end with the choice of dishes: you can decide where to get your meals deliveredopting for your own home, for the office (thus solving the problem of quick but balanced meals on lunch break) or for a pick-up point.

In 2010 – tells Stefano Bertoli – I left for a work experience in London. Here the greatest daily difficulty for me was to be able to eat something healthy, fast and not too expensive during the short lunch break and in the evening, when I returned home. Over three years of unregulated eating led me to gain ten pounds”.

If the stay in London had highlighted a problem, Australia suggests the solution to Stefano. “I moved to Sydney in 2013 and soon noticed that many colleagues and friends were resolving this issue “Lunch break” using tailor-made solutions such as Lite & Easya home delivery service of healthy and balanced meals born in 1986. Thanks to this attention I was able to lose weight and maintain my healthy weight”.

In 2017 he began to study and build his project, recalibrating it on the specificities of the Italian markete in mid-2018 Beeathy becomes reality in his hometown, Maniago (Pordenone).

It is a bet – explains – because our culinary tradition is very rich and our expectations at the table are high: this is why I have focused a lot on customization proposals with balanced quantities for men and women, food programs aimed at achieving various objectives (weight loss, a detox program, maintenance or a simple supply of quality meals by following and respecting the macro elements characteristic of 5 different diets). Add to this the possibility of following an assisted meal plan with a nutritionist who analyzes and monitors the results . Our offer includes one very large choice of dishes (60 in the price list, 150 in all with a monthly rotation) some of which inspired by the territories and typicality of our country and all prepared with high quality ingredients. Without forgetting to offer a wide and tasty range of proposals even to those who follow diets such as vegetarian and vegan”.

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