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Healthy food vs Junk food: health also passes through the shopping cart

Attention to nutrition and the importance of leading a healthy life are becoming increasingly important in the daily life of Italians, who are sensitive and attentive to physical activity and following a balanced diet. “We are what we eat” the German philosopher already said in the nineteenth century Ludwig Feuerbach, identifying a profound relationship between communities and their eating habits, that is, in what they eat and what they choose not to eat. On the occasion of the International Health Daywhich is celebrated on April 7, Tiendeo.itthe leading platform for online offers and catalogs, has carried out a study * on consumer habits and the shopping cart, to understand which products make up the cart and if there have been important changes in the last year.

Health also passes through the shopping cart: Healthy food vs Junk food. Growing fruit and vegetables recorded respectively + 7% and + 28% compared to the previous year

From the analysis carried out on the researches of the last year compared with those of the previous year, we can see an overall trend that is moving in the direction healthy food. But be careful: the products junk food they still manage to carve out their space within the pantry of Italians, who are partly inclined to take refuge in junk food in search of comfort and momentary pleasure, without thinking too much about the secondary effects, especially in the long term, on health.

Good fruit and vegetables with respective growth of + 7% and + 28%

Fruits and vegetables are a evergreen in the shopping cart of Italians, increasingly aware of the importance of a diet rich in vitamins, fibers and antioxidants. In fact, both categories have seen significant growth in the last year, particularly in some typical products of the Mediterranean diet.

As for fruit, which recorded an overall annual increase in searches of + 7%, the products with the greatest growth are kiwi (+71%)le pere (+65%)l’pineapple (+59%)le banana (+55%)le peaches (45%)le apricots (+ 42%)le strawberries (+ 28%)le mele (+ 23%)i blueberries (+ 21%)i mandarins e le cherries (+ 15%)le plums (+ 13%) and theavocado (+7%).

Moving on to the vegetables category – which recorded an overall increase of + 28% -, in first place we find the asparagus (+ 192%)followed by peppers (+ 105%), cucumbers (+ 68%), broccoli (65%), cauliflower (52%), tomatoes (+ 50%), carrots (+ 41%), peas (+ 38%), artichokes (+ 36%), potatoes (31%) e spinach (+ 24%).

Search for fish (+ 19%) and eggs (+ 104%) is on the rise, while meat is down (-12%)

In the last year, searches for pesce (+19%) e eggs (+ 104%) to the detriment of those relating to the products of the industry carne (-12%). The turkeymeat rich in B vitamins, minerals and noble proteins, which records an increase in 14%.

Among the most sought-after fish products we find the cod (+ 54%) rich in omega 3, minerals and vitamins, thesea ​​bream (+ 35%)which guarantees a large supply of mineral salts such as phosphorus, calcium and iron, the tuna (+ 25%) which supplies our body with essential omega 3 proteins and fats, and the salmon (+ 18%)source of protein, omega 3, vitamins and minerals.

The most popular Junk Foods: fizzy drinks, frozen pizza, wurstel and bacon

They are part of the category junk food, otherwise known as junk food, all those foods with high caloric intake but poor in nutrients (vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants …) and rich in saturated fats, cholesterol, table salt, refined carbohydrates instead. They are specifically those products that, although harmful to our body (and we know it very well), have the ability to create addiction that is not always easy to overcome.

In general, in the last year there has been a decline in interest in this type of product, as shown by the data relating to french fries (-5%), thin slices (-25%), candy (-44%), snacks (-53%). Also decreasing is thealcohol (-9%).

However, there are some junk foods that seem difficult to give up, such as the pancetta (+60%)le carbonated and sweetened drinks (+ 26%)le frozen pizzas (+ 17%)i frankfurters (+ 6%).

* Analysis of the research carried out within the platform during 2021 in comparison with 2020

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