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Healthy Food presents the food consultant 4.0

Article taken from the October issue of Forbes Italia

The Venetian company Healthy Food has launched MyCia, an app in the food-tech sector which acts as a bridge between restaurateurs and the nutritional needs of potential customers to promote food awareness and revolutionizing the restaurant industry. It is with this aim that the Venetian company Healthy Food, from March 2018, started working on a new food-tech project which on November 28 of the following year resulted in the launch of a completely digital and innovative app. MyCiaavailable for android and iOs.

Born as a personal food advisor, with the help of two other products, My Contactless Menù (digital menu) and the food identity card, it manages to put users’ dietary habits and needs in contact with restaurants. “Thanks to filling out the food identity card,” she says Pietro RuffoniCEO of Healthy Food, “on the MyCia app our users will find only the restaurants within the network most suited to their tastes, their lifestyle – in terms of intolerances and allergies – and their diet, for example vegan and vegetarian “.

Healthy Food ha lanciato MyCia

Basically, MyCia shows in the foreground the menus and dishes of the restaurants that best reflect the dietary needs of each individual user. But that is not all. The search on the app can also be done inversely, that is, starting directly from the dish. “If I write, for example, ‘Milanese cutlet’ – explains Pietro Ruffoni,“ all those restaurants will be shown to the user which, in order to make this dish, respect the desired food needs in the best possible way. And the same is also true for wines “.

And if the lockdown has put a strain on the restaurant world, the same cannot be said of MyCia. “Since we left, we have registered 62,000 subscribers and 150 thousand downloads and we have been several times in the top ten of the most apps downloaded in our sector. In addition, in May we launched our digital menu in advance and, in a short time, we reached 2 thousand more customers and close important collaborations with international partners, some already in place, others will start soon “.

From the menu to the table, the transition is immediate. As is the one from the table to the bill. Precisely for this reason Healthy Food, in recent weeks, has launched Order & Pay, a service capable of rewriting the current digital concept of Italian catering and of making the experience of those who want to eat in restaurants or those who rely on takeaways or delivery.

Order & Pay, in fact, allows the user, after having browsed the digital menu, to place his order, which is then digitally received by the restaurateur and sent to the kitchen, and to pay directly from a smartphone.

“This new service”, adds Ruffoni, “makes an important contribution to the restaurateur, because it allows him to view in a clear and quick way the summary of the receipts – daily, weekly, monthly and more – and the type of dishes ordered, of manage the cash desk in the best possible way, improve the gastronomic offer of your restaurant, regularize waiting times and support the service in the room based on the real order of orders. All this, allowing him to increase customers and turnover “. And, a key factor when booking a table through MyCia, the restaurateur pays no commission costs.

MyCia’s mission is to create a 360-degree tool, capable of satisfying the user’s needs not only when he wants to go to a restaurant or when he wants to rely on the takeaway or delivery, but also when he goes shopping. In Italy and abroad, thanks to its absolutely scalable technology. “Precisely for this reason we also want to collaborate with food stores and large-scale distribution”. In short, a real 4.0 restaurant. And to do so, in addition to presenting several new features, MyCia will begin by bringing the entire portfolio of services abroad in the first months of 2021 with various international partners.

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