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Healthy food: in Milan Plato offers only superfood dishes – Amica

Taste, energy, nourishment and well-being: this is the mix that characterizes the menu of Plato, a chic place born in via Cesare Battisti 2 in Milan, which offers a cuisine based on superfoods, i.e. foods and natural ingredients with active ingredients that contribute to the physical and mental well-being.
Each dish is based on the search for fresh and energetic raw materials which vary with the seasons, among the most recurring flours teff and moringa, but also sprouts, seeds, spices, fruit and vegetables. Teff flour is a source of vitamins, fiber and calcium, as well as being naturally gluten-free; Moringa flour has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, purifies the body and has a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action; vegetables and fruit are real food treasures that are served by Plato in many variations, from breakfast to light lunches, from cold-pressed juices to aperitifs.


From good morning to good night

For the appointment with breakfast there are nutritious but balanced proposals, which integrate the ingredients of the traditional Italian breakfast with fresh foods, rich in vitamins and antioxidants useful for the daily energy requirement, to be accompanied by infusions, centrifuges and fruit juices and cold-pressed vegetables.
Every morning you can discover different flavors, since the breakfast at Plato’s is never the same; you can choose between salty, sweet, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, international, protein and tropical; from salmon to spirulina algae, from vegetable cappuccino extracts and smoothies of vegetables and fresh seasonal fruit, from pastry filled with cream to cakes.

The lunch break it is designed for those who have little time, but do not want to give up a nutritious, light and full of flavor meal. There is a selection of delicious and regenerating dishes, which respect the rotation of ingredients, while for those who want to stay in the office or go to the park, they can opt for veils, made with different flours and combined with fillings rich in superfoods, for a practical and quick version of light lunch.
The veils – thin sheets of special flours, free of yeast and gluten, declined in both sweet and savory versions that contain greedy superfoods – are an icon of chic superfood, designed to respect the desire for lightness and digestibility, even for those with food intolerance.
On Sundays from 11:00 to 15:00 there is an extra appointment, that of brunch: based on veils, Plato’s patented product, but also many unique dishes and then Pan di Plato, the light and digestible focaccia stuffed with superfoods and other delicious ingredients.
Also the dinner offer is wideamong the most tantalizing proposals of the current season stand out the Tagliatelle & Tartare, original green moringa tagliatelle with cooked and raw broccoli, fine beef tartare in crudité and pizzaiola powder and the non stewed stew, very soft rump of beef cooked at 57 ° for 3 hours with drops of tomato cream, Tropea onion and cubes of roasted potatoes.


“Plato has a traveling soul – reports the restaurant’s poster – who sees food as a world to be discovered. It is precisely in this voyage of discovery that simple and everyday ingredients are transformed into something new. A cuisine of emotion, which shakes certainties, changes perspectives and awakens a sense of wonder in people. We believe that today’s innovation will become tomorrow’s tradition, just as today’s great traditional dishes were dishes of innovation in the past ”.


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