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Healthy food: a passing trend or an established reality?

Between food fads of recent times, that ofhealthy food it seems destined to be more successful than the others, also due to the beneficial effects it is able to guarantee to those who follow it. Talking about healthy food does not only mean banning the so-called junk food and consuming large quantities of fruit and vegetables, but also avoiding all those foods that maybe for other people are harmless or even beneficial but which are harmful to your body: more common examples are those of milk and cereals that contain gluten.

Is it possible to eat healthy in a restaurant?

Achieve the goal of a healthy diet in theory it is not complicated when you have lunch and dinner at home, since by shopping at the supermarket you have the possibility to choose everything you buy carefully, perhaps by carefully reading the labels and ingredients of the various products. A few more obstacles could be encountered in the moment in which you go to eat at the restaurant, or in any case away from home: whether you are in a hotel, in a pub, in a restaurant, in a bakery or in any other place, it is not certain that it is so easy to enforce your dietary needs. And if for vegans and vegetarians the question is more ethical than anything else, in the case – for example – of celiacs, the problems that can arise are considerable in terms of health.

The solution: a food identity card

A potential remedy for this drawback can be found in the food identity card, a project that in our country was developed by Pietro Ruffoni. Some numbers serve to understand the importance of such a plan: it is estimated that in Italy there are more than 7 million people who eat away from home, while in 2018 the turnover for catering reached the 85 billion euros. Here, then, that the food identity card is proposed as a digital document designed to make life easier when eating in a public place.

How does it work

The principle that governs the functioning of the Food paper it is, in reality, very simple: it, in fact, includes the list of any allergies and any intolerances from which the owner suffers. However, if you want, you can also indicate your preferences in relation to this or that product.

How much does the food identity card cost?

In an era in which it has come to the awareness that what you eat can affect your present and future health, a tool like the food identity card deserves not to be underestimated. Moreover, it has no cost, since it can be requested for free answering some ad hoc questions. Thus, one can count on a complete profile which can be kept on your smartphone, and therefore at your fingertips. Imagine, for example, that you are about to leave for vacation and plan to stay for two weeks in a hotel. Well, it is preferable that the managers of the accommodation facility are made aware of the particular dietary needs of the guests who must be welcomed, so that they can prepare themselves properly.

Under the banner of transparency

The transparency is the key concept that has governed the intuition of Ruffoni, who is not by chance the CEO of Healthy Food, a company that deals with catering. In short, from now on too vegetarians and vegans their requests will be met and will no longer have to give up going to a pizzeria or tavern for fear of not seeing their needs met.

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