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Il food delivery it is increasingly varied and full of possibilities for all those who have special diets or simply love to eat healthy, keeping fit without sacrificing pleasure and taste. A need that is growing among Italians as emerges from the Just Eat observatory, according to which the requests for healthy food have grown nationwide by over 120% over last year.
Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, steam-cooked recipes and menus and many other healthy variants are depopulating in home food orders alongside the growth of restaurants that choose to enter the food delivery business by offering food health proof! (+ 15%)

Evidence of the home health trend

Healthy food delivery is moving up the ranking of the most ordered foods at home, conquering 12th place with, for example, over 5,000 kg. of fruit ordered at home in 2017 including fruit salads, smoothies and mixed fruit, (+ 23%) year on year, and 18,000 kg. of salad in its many variations, with a + 38% compared to the previous year. Among the most curious trends is the growth of + 22% of vegan desserts: among the most popular fruit cake, cheesecake and tiramisu. Among the habits that are in vogue there are also vegetarian or veggy burgers which recorded an increase of + 35%, and the new trend of poke, a Hawaiian recipe based on raw fish. Italians also continue to love detox and energizing juices (+ 48%) often ordered together with light sandwiches, salads and recipes based on quinoa or superfoods.

But why are we ordering so much healthy food on the peninsula? For 41%, the choice of vegan or vegetarian represents the opportunity of asavor different tastes and new ingredientsfor 33% to be able to alternate healthy food with gluttonous foods without renouncing home delivery, for 18% simply because healthy food is good, and only for 8% a variant that allows you to not go overboard the food diet.

Among the cities, Milan is the one where you order the most healthy food and which grows more in terms of orders (+ 530%), followed in second place by Florence with + 72% growth compared to 2017, third by the capital, which grows by + 173%, fourth by Turin (+16 %) and fifth from Bari (+ 36%). However, Genoa is also experiencing an important increase, which has seen orders double year on year, Palermo with + 46% and Naples with + 25% of requests.

The most ordered and loved healthy foods along the peninsula

On a national level there are different foods that unite the tastes of all those who love to eat healthy and that bring together the whole peninsula, first of all the timeless salad back in vogue in recent years thanks to the possibility of adding many ingredients to taste, which is easy even with home orders. They follow in the top ten la Chicken Bowl with Quinoa and Avocado, vegetarian meatballs like the Greek ones or with vegetables, the famous Cesar Salad, vegan meatballs prepared with legumes, the growing novelty of poke, soups and velvety, Venus rice salad, grilled chicken breast and fruit salad. Despite this top ten, there are some particular sub-categories that grow more like salads (+ 93%) and gluten free foods (+ 36%).
Entering the houses directly in the area there are, as always, preferences: in Rome for the Venere rice salad, in Genoa for the Greek one, in Bologna for the cesar salad, while in Milan we find the chicken bowl with quinoa, in Naples for the meatballs of quinoa, in Bari the vegan tart, in Turin the centrifuged, in Florence the vegan lasagna and in Palermo the veggie burger.

The healthiest days of the week and of the year

Italians prefer eat light but tasty especially on Thursdays, which is the day of the week when more healthy food is ordered than on other days. Finally, the months in which the most healty was ordered in 2017 are those of April, May and June, but the days in which the peak of healthy food orders was registered were surprisingly on 1 December 2017 and, on the second place, on August 3.

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