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Hands-on with the Lenovo Legion Glasses: AR Glasses are truly interchangeable with regular glasses

The Lenovo Army Glasses are a step forward from other AR glasses

Back in 2022, I covered Lenovo’s break into the AR glasses market during its Tech Life | IFA occasion, which were then called the Lenovo Glasses T1. Quick forward a year after the fact, and I’m ready to evaluate the refreshed form called the Lenovo Army Glasses, declared (once more) at IFA 2023. Initially, they were intended to contend with the Apple Glasses, yet a report delivered in January recommended that Apple could have postponed its creation endlessly,” and from that point forward, Apple has been zeroing in on its Vision Star AR headset.

I was shocked to perceive how much the Army Glasses have changed concerning both plan and usefulness, with one change specifically that makes them undeniably more interesting to me. This is a particularly amazing accomplishment, taking into account that my premium in AR glasses tech is momentary, in the best-case scenario.

There’s just one other significant item available, the Xreal Air AR glasses, and not at all like the Army Glasses, its principal use is with cell phones. In the meantime, the Lenovo Army Glasses can be associated with numerous different gadgets like laptops and gaming handhelds, which gives them more reach.


The Lenovo Army Glasses are set to ship on October 20, 2023, at a starting cost of $329 (around £260 or AU$515). For what they offer, the estimating isn’t terrible in any way; however, it’s still far from being a financial plan embellishment.

What’s more, tragically, we have no data on accessibility for areas outside the US, including the UK and Australia. However, taking into account the sort of item it is, ideally Lenovo will ultimately send it off in different areas. Of course, since it’s a more specialty item, the US market may be a strong method for testing out fame prior to focusing on different nations.


Component Spec
Price $329 (around £261 / AU$513)
Display Micro OLED
Resolution per eye 1920 x 1080
Framerate 60Hz
Connection USB Type-C
Compatibility Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS
Lenovo Legion Glasses
(Image credit: Future)

Contrasted with the 2022 Lenovo Glasses T1, the refreshed Lenovo Army Glasses have a more top-notch plan. They feel sturdier, with better-quality edges and focal-point material. Looking between pictures of the old and new models grandstands the amount further developed the last option is. While testing them out, I needed to confirm with Lenovo that these were, for sure, similar items.

The technology a year prior was great; however, there was a gigantic issue with them that kept me from really feeling a debt of gratitude the basic truth that these glasses were plainly not intended for glasses-wearers (like me) as a primary concern. While Lenovo had the choice to supplant the default focal point with one tailor-made to a remedy, requiring a purchaser to buy that on top of the cost of the AR glasses themselves is a remarkable monetary burden.

However, the incorporation of the new model of extraordinary nose watches that fit over and secure the extensions of normal glasses permitted me to really see the screens as opposed to being compelled to eliminate my glasses to test them. Obviously, the fit is more than a little flawed, even with Lenovo conceding that a few types of glasses don’t shape well to the nose monitor; however, they functioned admirably for mine, and I have thick plastic casings.

The other element, that you can furnish the focal points with your solution, will keep on being accessible to the individuals who need it, as it’s an incredible other option. Be that as it may, as it presently stands, I can’t see many individuals having the option to manage the cost of both the glasses and the solution focal point.

However, taking into account that the main other significant choice as far as AR glasses goes, the Xreal Air AR glasses, just offers the solution focal point substitute choice but not the switchable nose watches, the Army Glasses are a step forward currently in ease of use and moderateness.


My assessment of the Lenovo Army Glasses has altogether expanded since I originally demoed them in 2022, as the innovation has improved from that point forward. Not exclusively, the plan and construction quality are much better, yet the nature of the AR tech is also predominant.

The expansion of the swappable nose monitor for glasses wearers is a splendid option, in contrast to the solution focal points you can furnish the Army Glasses with. It doesn’t need handing over more cash or finding a spot that might, in fact, redo them in any case.

The picture is more than a little flawed, as it can obscure on the edges, yet it’s still exceptionally great and clear. The sound quality is shockingly better and serves to really submerge you in the gaming experience.

With everything taken into account, I anticipate the Army Glasses’ send off and the amount more Lenovo can refine this innovation much further, taking into account that Apple might have proactively dropped from the AR glasses race.

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