Haaland, the latest big deal managed by Raiola. Operation of 300 million, the unknowns on Mino’s legacy

The latest major operation by Mino Raiola. The transfer of Erling Braut Haaland from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester City is an operation worth around 300 million euros, with outlines not yet fully defined both in terms of formulas and the architecture of the deal. But it also represents the testament of one of the greatest prosecutors of the modern era, the legacy to those who after him will have the task of dealing with issues relating to the future of the other stars of the groupfrom Paul Pogba to Gigio Donnarumma via Matthijs de Ligt.

‘MYSTERIOUS’ OPERATION – Pep Guardiola will therefore have his thoroughbred center-forward to try again the assault on the Champions League and, after having defined Julian Alvarez’s purchase from River Plate in January, has obtained the green light to sink the blow for one of the sure protagonists of the international scene of the next decade. An operation with an impressive media impact – practically all the big Europeans were on Haaland – but which from an economic point of view is raising several questions. No reference, first of all, to the payment of the famous 75 million euro termination clause agreed at the time of his passage from Salzburg to Dortmund, but to an agreement that the German company and the City would have reached for an unspecified amount which, according to English sources, is around 60 million. A non-secondary aspect in terms of impact on the budget, given that the total costs of the operation will be spread over several years: costs that are in any case destined to rise significantly due to the signature award (rumors report that they are about 30 million) and expected commissions (the rumors refer to close to 50 million). If we add to these the approximately 22 million euros gross per season expected until 2027, the total amount ends up getting very close to the 300 million ceiling.

THE TESTAMENT OF MINO – An immense operationthe final details of which will be communicated only in the coming weeks (Borussia Dortmund, which has already announced a positive impact on the next budget for 35-40 million, is listed on the stock exchange), that Mino Raiola wanted to manage and conclude in the very first personbefore the worsening of the disease to which he surrendered on April 30th. A deal completed with the help of his most trusted collaborators, from his cousin Enzo to the Brazilian lawyer Rafaela Pimenta, called to take the reins of an empire that still counts prominent clients, some of whom will be called in the coming weeks to make very important decisions for the continuation of their respective careers. AND, as we have been able to report on the pages of, one of the possibilities that could materialize after the conclusion of this season is that the post-Raiola team can enrich themselves with an extremely important figure like that of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. For the relationship that tied him to the Italian-Dutch agent even off the pitch and for what he has always represented on a charismatic level in the world of football. The run-up to the Scudetto with the Milan shirt could represent the last stage of his career as a footballer, to start another equally stimulating one.

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