Go live on TikTok: How it works

Want to go live on TikTok? We will show you how to do this with your smartphone and what requirements you have to consider.

Before you can start: These are the requirements

This is how you start your live stream

Did you meet all the requirements? Great, then we can start. How it works:

  1. Tap the plus icon at the bottom center of the app.
  2. Swipe from right to left at the bottom of the menu until the “LIVE” function appears.
  3. Tap LIVE.
  4. Choose a photo and a description for your live video. Apply different effects and filters to your video to enhance it. You can find them in the menu on the right.
  5. Tap “Start LIVE”.
  6. After a three-second countdown, your live stream will start.

With funny filters and effects you stand out with your live stream on TikTok.

Image: © Aleksei – 2019

Your live stream is running: You can do this while it is running

There are various functions that you can use during the live stream. An overview:

  • effects or filters you can also add or turn off during your live video. To do this, tap the pencil in the bottom-right menu. It stands for “decoration”.
  • In the same menu on the far right you will find the three-point symbol. There you can, among other things, change camera. Are you filming with the selfie camera right now? Tap “Switch Camera” to switch to the main camera.
  • If you press the three-point symbol again, you can have yours Share live video on other social media channels. Tap on “Share” and select the respective platform.
  • In the top right corner you can see how many people are watching you.
  • How is the video quality? You can also see this in the top right corner. If the quality is good, “Good connection” is displayed.
  • At the bottom left of the menu you will find the infinity sign. There you can invite other accounts to your live video.
  • you want yours Stop Live Stream? In the menu at the bottom right, press the on/off symbol that you know from the remote control. Tap on “Confirm”.

Live video ended: Here’s how to proceed

When you have finished your live video on TikTok, you will be shown a summary of the success of your stream. The most important points at a glance:

  • Date and time of your live video
  • running time of your video
  • How many viewers watched the live stream
  • your top viewers
  • How many new followers were added during the live stream

Not every one of your followers can follow your video in the live stream. You can therefore upload the clip later. Go to “Profile > Burger Menu Top Right > Settings & Privacy > LIVE Replay”. You can either watch your live video again, download it and then upload it as a video – or delete it. Your live streams are archived for 90 days.

Summary: This is how the TikTok live stream works

  • You have created a TikTok account.
  • You have at least 1,000 followers/subscribers.
  • Your profile is public.
  • In the menu, tap on “LIVE” and then on “Start LIVE”.
  • During the live stream you can use effects and filters, among other things. You can also see how many people are currently watching you.
  • When your live stream is over, you will see a summary with interesting facts.
  • Your live video is saved for 90 days. During this period you can view it, download it and then upload it as a new video or delete it.

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