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The fear of getting older grabs everyone at some point, that’s normal. But during the Beauty-Industrie benefited from it, people suffer from it. The obsession with youth that spills out at us from fashion and style magazines as well as from the cinema screen repeatedly takes its toll and tempts women and men to spend huge amounts of money for cosmetics and Beauty-OPs spend – just to look a few years younger. It is always in vain, because unfortunately you cannot turn back the clock and so everyone is getting older.

However, if you face aging with dignity and composure, you can live life to the fullest. That’s what the slow aging trend is all about!

The slow side of life – in all situations

Slow aging is about shaping each area of ​​your life positively through the principle of taking a slow approach. On the one hand, you make more considered decisions, do not rush anything and avoid bustle and Chaos in everyday life. On the other hand, it is healthier to live because, for example, Slow-Food-Trend is an important part of this way of life. Food should be carefully selected, prepared and enjoyed – this not only prepares more joyamEssen, but is also good for digestion. Because the slower you eat, the better your body can work.


How Does Slow Aging Work?

Next healthiernutrition and the slow, conscious intake of food meanwhile belong to a whole series deceleration points to slow aging. There is Slow Travel, for example: instead of going to overcrowded tourist hotspots and arguing with other holidaymakers there for the last deck chair, you should go to quiet, more relaxing places where you can get away from the noise and crowds let your soul dangle can. In everyday life, you should pause more often, become aware of the moment and enjoy the beautiful things – for example immediately after getting up or before going to bed. A grateful attitude increases this happiness and also makes you more attractive. You remain attractive on the outside by taking enough time for your beauty sleep takes. Stress causes bad skin, but a lot of rest prevents wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Slow Aging: Just shift down a gear

If you manage to slow down your everyday life, you will quickly notice that your life quality increased a lot. If you are more balanced and your body is at peace, studies have shown that this also has a positive effect on yours lifespan out of. Psychological stress, on the other hand, reduces Life expectancy. So if you’re constantly worried about getting older, you’re shortening your life, so to speak. So rely on the slow aging concept and make the most of it lifetimethat stays with you!

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