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Insurance is an inevitable part of owning a business, so it’s important to get it right. We provide transparent and personalized business insurance services and solutions based on your business needs. From every agreement signed, every dollar spent and every claim filed, our qualified team You will be guided through the insurance policy process, contract renewals and more, ensuring you are always up to date. We’re planning for the future so that no matter what life throws at you, you and your business are always ready.

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When is the right time to see an insurance broker?

you are growing your business

This can be an exciting and hectic time as your business begins to grow. However, as your business grows, so does the risk you face. A broker ensures that as your business grows, your insurance will support and protect you along the way.

Open or acquire another business

New business in new territory exposes you to a new set of risks. There is advice to support you in understanding what these new risks may be and how to address them, so you can move forward with peace of mind and safety.

 Market changes 

The insurance market is in a constant state of flux, with changes in product offerings in the legislative market and natural disasters occurring. The best options of the year can quickly become obsolete or no longer competitive. We review your insurance annually as part of our process To ensure you continue to receive the best coverage for you and your business.

you are accepting a new contract

As the scope of your business activities expands, so does the range of risks you may be exposed to. It’s important to review your policy to make sure your new activity is covered.

You haven’t commented in a while

As the scope of your business activities expands, so does the range of risks you may be exposed to. It’s important to review your policy to make sure your new activity is covered.

 You have never used a broker 

Why would you go through a broker and not directly? Ask for a quote and find out. Not only can an insurance broker offer more competitive rates, but it can also give you peace of mind. Brokers are able to tailor policies to your needs, which means your unique business has an equally unique policy support it.

Working with our Team

Since 1992, Financial Integrity Group has built a solid reputation for clients in the Australian Capital Territory and across Australia. The business has grown and grown, but has always continued to provide personal service.

Working with businesses across a range of industries, we’re experienced in identifying risks specific to your business – and can quickly find the right policy options to match.

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We use our negotiating power – to get you a competitive price

Financial Integrity Group is part of Australia’s largest Authorized Broker Network (Community Broker Network). With our size, we have the power to negotiate on your behalf to ensure:

  • More competitive prices
  • Better policy terms.

That means wider coverage and a policy tailored just for you or your business. With the support of Australia’s largest network, you can be confident your future is secure.

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Our ongoing commitment to you

Nothing brings joy to our team like seeing the people we work for succeed. We want to help by making sure you can focus soberly on your business. Our priority is to maintain communication not only with you, but also with insurance companies and industry experts:

  • Changes to your business
  • New and potential risks
  • Industry changes in regulations and requirements

Financial integrity will ensure your protection follows as your business adapts and changes.

If insurance is not only an issue but one about cost, contact our dedicated team for a free review and quote.

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