Ford introduces the all-electric Lincoln Star concept vehicle

Automaker Ford has unveiled its new Lincoln Star concept vehicle. It is a fully electric SUV. By 2026, the company wants to integrate four new electric cars into the Lincoln portfolio.

Ford wants to reposition its brand in the future and, like almost all other car manufacturers, want to put combustion engines away. With its modern design, the Lincoln Star should show what is possible. Of course, an infotainment system with a large screen is just as important as a detachable steering wheel. The two front seats can be rotated 180° to make it easier to talk to passengers during breaks in the journey.

As a gimmick, various mood settings are offered, which then automatically adjust the lighting, the audio background scenery and apparently even installed scent fresheners. The selectable moods are Coastal Morning, Mindful Vitality and Evening Chill. Like other concept vehicles, the Lincoln Star will not go on sale in this form. Rather, it should show the realignment of the brand. Ford will no doubt be monitoring international reactions very closely now.

The Lincoln brand has fallen behind in the USA and has recently been able to score points in China. So it’s no wonder that Ford is playing with new orientations and concepts.

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