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A Spanish Grand Prix like this intense it hadn’t been staged for several editions. In Barcelona, ​​tire degradation transformed the Grand Prix into a hustle and bustle of single-seaters in the pit lane, with strategies that crossed for the benefit of battles on the track and overtaking. Max Verstappen was unable to take full advantage of the DRS and this conditioned the Dutchman’s race to the point of perhaps dictating the route not initially taken into consideration for the three pit stops, the route that turned out to be the ideal one to get to the checkered flag in the shortest possible time.

In F1, dwarfs and giants face off to exchange roles – writes the Director of Mauro Coppini in the editorial present in today’s edition of The Corriere dello Sportready to get back in the game at every corner. Leclerc was a giant at the start of the race, but then his car betrayed him. His place was taken by Verstappen, another giant fighting not only with his rivals, but above all with a car that is unruly from the point of view of reliability. Two giants who, regardless of their results, have demonstrated a capacity that goes far beyond their driving quality, or transform the mistake that for a mere mortal is an alarm into a friendly pat on the backan encouragement to try again ”.

In Qualifying Leclerc turned a spin into a pole position, Verstappen won despite an off-track run in the gravel and the failure of the DRS. Together with these two giants there is a dwarf who will soon be at their height since he is already at the level of talent: “Russell with the third place calmed the team and also strengthened a first guide, Lewis Hamilton, no longer in crisis thanks to himCoppini added.

The editorial closes with an applause to Mercedes for not having abandoned a revolutionary project in the face of meager results obtained in the first races: “Like all revolutions in the beginning there was great confusion, but now we are starting to reap some benefits. Because it will also be true that those who make mistakes pay, but if he does not pay it means that he has not made a mistake“.

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