Fisker Ronin: 4-door electric convertible with a range of 966 km

The electric car startup Fisker has announced its third model: An all-electric GT sports car under the project name Ronin. But nothing will come of it. Because instead of an electric GT, the Ronin comes as an e-convertible, as new photos of the manufacturer reveal. On the other hand, with a purely electric range of 966 kilometers, it can now cover significantly more distance.

Das E-Cabrio follows the SUV Ocean as well as the pear, a small electric car. The Ocean is due in November at the contract manufacturer Magna go into production, Fisker is working with the contract manufacturer Foxconn on the Pear. The codename Ronin was inspired by the movie of the same name with its famous car chases. While the first photo of the Stromer still suggested a GT model, the second published photo now shows that the Ronin is a convertible, and a four-door one at that. A rather unusual choice as more doors in a convertible make the vehicle structure more unstable.

With regard to the purely electric range, this has been increased from the previous 885 km to 966 km. The car is thus approaching the magical 1,000-kilometer mark. So far, the Lucid Air is the production car with the longest range; According to the American EPA standard, this should deliver 837 km. The electric convertible is powered by three electric motors. This makes all-wheel drive possible. It goes from 0 to 96 km/h in around two seconds. Comparable to that Tesla Model S Plaidwhich relies on a similar drive model – three electric motors, all-wheel drive.

Henrik Fisker’s brief to the engineering team was to use the most advanced and lightweight materials and to focus on range, performance and the overall riding experience. The Ronin is said to feature active aerodynamic technologies and an innovative battery design, with the package said to be integrated into the structure of the vehicle. Just these „structural battery“ could probably do their part to ensure that the Fisker Ronin does not have any stability problems.

The prices for the sleek electric convertible should start at just under 200,000 US dollars, the equivalent of a good 190,000 euros. For comparison, the Tesla Model S Plaid costs around $140,000 in the US, while the Lucid Air Dream Edition (sold out) cost $169,000. The electric vehicle is to be presented in August 2023. By the way, as with the Pear, Ronin is only the project name, the production car could also have a different name.

Quelle: InsideEVs – Fisker Ronin is a four-door convertible, not a GT

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