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Facial care men: Make yourself beautiful like the stars, man! – FIT FOR FUN

The modern man relies on facial care. Then smooth and beautiful skin makes you sexy!

To be honest, not enough men understand that well-groomed skin is NOT unmanly. But before they risk being complimented on their delicate, soft, beautiful skin, they’d rather risk wrinkles, razor burn, blackheads, and sallow skin. It’s actually cheeky when you consider all the things women do to present the world with the most attractive face possible. Guys, you’re not going to lose your dominant position in the world because you use moisturizer! On the contrary: manicures, eyebrow corrections, treatments at the beautician, and hair coloring are now law on the executive floors. Facial care has always had a job-preserving effect. So get to the shelves in perfumeries and drugstores!

Facial care: Men also like it fresh

Footballers are the ones who set a good example: They are not only in the limelight but also increasingly impressed with their styling – on and off the field. The ball artists have become coveted advertising media for fashion, body, and facial care. National coach Joachim Löw, testimonial for Nivea, embodies the new type perfectly: “Football has taken on such an important position in our society that a well-groomed appearance is simply part of it. I only feel good when I’m well-groomed. “I take great care of my body, first of all in times of stress, and take care of myself regularly.”

the average man spends 70 euros a year on cosmetics


Today’s man wants to optimize his appearance through cosmetics. To feel good (60 percent) and safe (16 percent) in your skin, as the IKW (Industrial Association for Personal Care and Detergents) found out. Anyone who wants to survive in the daily competition and – logically – please women should be fit and beautiful. According to IKW, consumers spent a total of around 13.6 billion euros on beauty care in 2016, and the trend is rising. Although the market for women is around ten times larger, there is more dynamic among men, they are the more interesting target group, also for fragrances.

Facial care for men is a big thing

Cosmetics companies therefore take a close look at his behavior and know: a German man spends around 30 minutes a day in the bathroom, every second man already uses facial care, some even every day (14 percent, L’Oréal study). According to market research by Nivea Men, however, many (42 percent) still use their partner’s cream or use all-purpose creams (57 percent). In line with this, new care lines with powerful active ingredients are coming to the stores. Skin and hair should be optimized without much effort. New shower gels, shampoos and creams are practical, versatile – and with a quick effect.

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