Electric car tires more expensive than combustion tires –

The bottom line is that electric cars are considered a cheaper vehicle type for most people, but the owners have to pay more for the tyres. An evaluation by the B2B tire trading platform Alzura Tyre24 for the Automobilwoche result.

According to the data, tires designed for electric cars cost an average of 134.80 euros in March. Normal tires were already available for 90.67 euros, 48.7 percent cheaper. Between January 2020 and March 2022, the average difference was even 59.6 percent. Currently, the range of tires for electric cars is small, the share of the entire range of tires is less than one percent. Due to the small selection, the manufacturers could charge high prices, explained Michael Saitow, head of the Alzura operator Saitow AG.

According to Saitow, new products rarely have the price pressure of established products. Theres Gosztonyi, Head of Cars for the Northern Europe Region at Michelin, also cited this as the reason for the higher price for e-car tires. Newly launched products are generally somewhat more expensive than products already on the market. As the selection increases, the prices are likely to drop. According to Saitow, that could happen quickly. “Thanks to the e-car promotion, there will soon be masses of cars that will have to replace their first tires,” he said. Then it would also be worthwhile for more brands to offer e-car tires.

Another reason for the higher prices is that the tire manufacturers for tires for electric cars put in extra effort have to. Vehicles with electric drives are heavier due to the battery. Stromer also bring a high torque to the wheels, frequent rapid acceleration therefore causes more wear.


“The drive turnaround is forcing us to significantly develop tire technology,” Michelin manager Armin Kistner recently told the portal Edison. The tires of electric cars required a completely new profile design and new compounds so that tire wear does not increase. In addition, when it comes to choosing materials, the focus is increasingly on sustainability. This is also being pushed by the car manufacturers who request the life cycle analysis.

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