E-car insurance compared: These services count

Electric cars have special components and requirements that should also be taken into account in car insurance. E-car drivers should make sure that, in addition to a low price and the services we generally recommend, components such as the battery and charging cable are protected as well as possible. Some of the e-car-specific services are only available if you take out fully comprehensive insurance, but we recommend fully comprehensive insurance for new e-cars anyway because of the high acquisition costs. We have compiled important services for e-cars.

battery pack

The battery is the heart of every electric car and should therefore be insured for a certain period of time up to the amount of the replacement value. With many tariffs, the new price for the battery (as an insured part of the car) is only given if the entire car was damaged. However, other policies also reimburse the original price if only the battery was damaged. With individual tariffs, the new price refund for the battery applies without time limit, but usually deductions are made from the refund value every year after the end of the period. Some insurers also pay part or all of the costs of disposing of the battery after an accident.

Charging cable and wall box

Most of the tariffs specially tailored to e-cars pay if the charging cable or the mobile charger is stolen. Some also replace a stolen charging card that can be used to charge the e-car at public charging points. It is similar with the wall box. Damage to it is also insured in many policies up to a certain amount. When it comes to protection, some offers differentiate between a mobile charger and a permanently installed wall box. If in doubt, ask your insurer.
Tipp: Wallboxes that are permanently connected to the house are often automatically insured as part of the building by a residential building insurance.


Damage caused by operating errors can paralyze the electronics or damage the battery. It is therefore helpful if operating errors are also insured in the tariff. This is usually done via all-risk coverage (“all-risk”) in fully comprehensive insurance – this means that the term “operating error” does not necessarily appear in the conditions. Some insurers pay damages up to a sum of 5,000 euros, others cover costs of up to 20,000 euros or more.


animal bite

It can be expensive when martens nibble or bite through cables. It is important that consequential damage is also insured via the partially comprehensive insurance. The services of the tariffs on the market range from 3,000 euros to 20,000 euros. Some even perform “without a fixed limit”, which usually means that the replacement value of the car represents the performance limit.


A protection letter can be particularly important for purely electric cars and, if necessary, provides roadside assistance if your purely electric car breaks down with an empty battery. Then, for example, towing to the nearest charging station is included.


This is not a special service, but: Many insurers grant a discount of up to 25 percent on the insurance premium if the tariff is taken out for an electric car (in some cases also for a plug-in hybrid).

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