E-car for eternity: Renault shows the competition how to do it right

Batteries are not only a potential weak point in smartphones and laptops, but also in e-cars. Now Renault has published an interesting statistic on the subject. Accordingly, the Renault batteries are real endurance runners.

Renault: Older electric car batteries are fully operational

Batteries degrade over time, as every smartphone owner knows. Does he Mobile phone battery replacement already noticeable in the wallet, see it significantly more expensive for e-car batteries out of. The manufacturer Renault has now presented its own figures, which should reassure some e-car drivers.

According to Renault statistics, whole 99 percent of all batteries installed in Zoe models since 2013 are still usable. Nine years later, the oldest 22 kWh batteries are still doing their job, as are the current 52 kWh models (source: Renault).

According to Renault, only “very few customers” in Germany have taken advantage of the offer to have the battery replaced. Like many other manufacturers, Renault grants one here Warranty for eight years or 160,000 kilometers. Even then, they should still have a minimum capacity of 70 percent of the original value.

Even at capacity problems the manufacturer is bold and prefers to send the batteries for repairs instead of replacing them completely. Only if the repair costs exceed the battery value, there is a new battery in the e-car.

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ADAC: Long service life of e-car batteries

Not only Renault, but also the ADAC is after several long-term tests came to the conclusion that batteries in electric cars have a have an overall long service life. According to the automobile club, this is partly due to the intelligent battery management.

Is an electric car worth it?

In order to protect the battery, the ADAC absolutely recommends a longer service life and a problematic deep discharge to avoid the battery. For some manufacturers, a deep discharge is a reason to exclude the warranty. The software of the e-cars should also always be kept up to date.

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