Dybala and Perisic, the exchange of jerseys becomes more and more possible

The Argentine at Inter and the Croatian at Juve: another Italian derby ignites the market

Judging by those tears that last night streaked his face at the end of the game, it would seem really difficult to hypothesize a future of Dybala in the Nerazzurri shirt. At least as much as you can imagine Perisic dressed in black and white, after such an extraordinary season and a very close bond with the Inter fans. Yet all this could turn into reality in about forty days, in short, time for their bond with Juve and Inter. A sensational change of jersey, given the rivalry between the two clubs, which today however has concrete possibilities of being realized.

However, two different situations. Juve “discarded” Dybala, Inter made an offer to Perisic that the Croatian did not however consider – for now at least – congruous with his value. For the Argentine Marotta he has been on the move for some time, studying for him a contract in line with the current big Inter players, Brozovic and Lautaro to be clear. The budget can come from the “divestments” of Sanchez and Vidal, thus guaranteeing the club margins of action and at the same time also a reduction in the amount of wages. A courtship that Dybala appreciated: the love for Juve is sincere and deep, at least as much as the disappointment for a painful separation. Inter would not be a “spite”, but a radical change of life, necessary to restart.

Per Perisic Juve, on the other hand, began to work substantially right after the Italian Cup final, on the evening when the Croatian overwhelmed the Juventus defense with his raids. To Inter’s offer (biennial with option for the third year at 4.5 million plus signing bonus), iThe Juventus club responded by raising with 6 million a year plus bonuses. Proposal that has allured Perisic who, at the moment, has not yet made any decision: the Juventus interest can be a card to play in the match that, unless there is a change of course, there will be next week between the entourage of the Croatian and the management of Inter, Ivan continues to give priority to the Nerazzurri as long as the club takes a step forward, at least from his point of view. Translated: Perisic legitimately plays to the upsidethe ball at this point belongs to Inter.

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