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Dewy Skin: With this make-up trend you always look fresh – FIT FOR FUN


Matte is out, glossy is in! The latest make-up trend to hit the runway at fashion week is called Dewy Skin and is inspired by the autumn thaw, appropriate to the season. Translated means Dewy Skin “dewy skin” and that’s how your complexion looks with this so-called wet look. It is achieved through moist textures on the cheeks, temples, and lips. The result is a fresh, healthy look for the fall months.

Would you like to try the dewy skin trend yourself? We have some tips to help you achieve the dew-kissed look!

  1. Dewy Skin Tipp Nr. 1:Beauty oil for a silky finish

    The basis for the Dewy Skin Look is well-moisturized skin, so always care for it with moisturizing creams and face masks. Oil can also provide a naturally silky finish, but make sure you opt for a non-comedogenic product that won’t clog your pores. Jojoba oil is particularly well tolerated by our skin because it resembles the oil that it produces and is therefore quickly absorbed without leaving an annoying oily film. What remains is a silky shine and a fantastic base for your make-up.

  2. Dewy Skin Tip #2: Liquid Highlighter + Foundation

    Do you use a liquid highlighter to achieve a dewy skin look? Rather than dabbing it directly onto your face after applying your regular foundation, mix it into your foundation and sweep it all together with a damp sponge. The highlighter also makes your natural complexion shimmer.

  3. Dewy Skin Tipp Nr. 3:Avocado-Öl + Blusher

    Mix some avocado oil into your cream or gel blusher. Thanks to its thick consistency, the product does not runny, but the oil gives the blush a silky finish – just like the dew on a crisp autumn morning.

  4. Dewy Skin Tipp Nr. 4:Marula oil in the atomizer

    Marula oil is not exactly cheap, as the extraction of the marula seed is laborious by hand. Still, this beauty product is worth the investment, especially if you’re into the dewy skin trend. The oil provides plenty of moisture and protects against free radicals. Used sparingly, it gives your skin a natural glow. Simply pour into an atomizer and apply two squirts to the face following your usual makeup routine.

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