Cremonese, Braida: ‘Fagioli enormous talent, but we need a path. At Juve as a starter or he will be on the sidelines’ | First page

At all Ariedo Braida. The former general manager and sporting director of Milan and Barcelona, ​​for a year and a half at the Cremonese tells Tuttosport promotion to Serie A and points straight towards the future: “Let’s start from the fact that I’m not saying, let’s say: I include all those who have worked. I want to underline this aspect. Cremonese is a great little family that has contributed to this historic result”.

“Many times they say that young people have to play, young people have to” do “… But instead I say: those who are capable, those who have the competence, have to play. Young is not synonymous with skill, young does not tell me anything. It counts whether one is good or not: I was at Barcelona and there was Ansu Fati, who started playing in the first team at 16. But because he was good, not because he was young. Ibrahimovic why does he play? The same reason, why is good”.

BEANS AND ZANIMACCHIA – “There is a tendency, often, to talk about young people trying to be excessively generous. But in my opinion you have to be strict to encourage them to do better, always. They are two guys … Let’s talk about Fagioli, meanwhile, who has enormous natural talent . Here, he achieves great growth if he puts natural talent to good use in all aspects, at 360 degrees. Not only innate quality is enough, determination, tenacity, grit are also needed: we must take care of all these aspects too. if they are not part of your baggage, you have to work hard on them, so for him there must be a path. What did he do? A Serie B championship: very good. But it must continue this path. If he arrives at Juventus as a starter, he will play as a starter, but if he arrives as a non-starter he will be on the sidelines and then what awaits him? Either he goes and breaks right away, or … Here, for me in these cases the example of climbing a staircase holds: better to do one step at a time. We mustn’t give these kids an excess of responsibility. On the contrary, we must ensure that they play without the hassle. Otherwise there is less enthusiasm and this becomes a problem. We all need a path “.

KEEP BEANS – “Well, we still have to start planning in detail, because surprisingly the coach made another choice. At the right moment we will throw ourselves headlong to do the rest. Having said that, however, Fagioli and Zanimacchia are two serious guys, good. We have to keep our identity “.

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