Concept vehicle and tiny house: Continental wins iF Design Awards and Red Dot!

Continental Pp Contihome 1

Continental has won three prestigious design awards. The surface specialists from the technology company won over the 132-strong expert jury at the iF Design Awards 2022 with both the AMBIENC3 concept vehicle and the small show house ContiHome, and scooped up two awards from the design label. The iF jury evaluated more than 11,000 entries from 57 countries. And that’s not all: the ContiHome also won the coveted Red Dot Product Design Award.

iF Design Awards und Red Dot

  • AMBIENC3 and ContiHome convince the international jury of the iF Design Awards
  • Show house ContiHome also awarded by the Red Dot jury
  • Groundbreakingly designed surfaces from Continental create a special atmosphere and a sense of well-being when driving and living in the future

“Our two concepts were already extremely well received at the presentation events last year,” says Ralf Imbery, Head of Innovation Transformation and Design at Continental. “The fact that international design experts are now recognizing us underscores once again that we are on the right track with our future solutions. We have not only developed trends, we set them.” Imbery is particularly pleased that these awards primarily recognize design. “For us as an automotive supplier and industrial partner, the topics of functionality, robustness and sustainability are often the focus, and this also applies to both of our projects. But especially with the AMBIENC3 and the ContiHome, atmosphere and comfort play a crucial role. The design is of course crucial here.”

AMBIENCE3 – Retro meets future

Continental Pp Ambienc3 1
AMBIENC3: The concept vehicle is based on the VW Bulli T2.

The AMBIENC3 concept vehicle was created on the basis of an old VW T2 microbus and combines the emotional retro charm of an automotive icon with answers to the mobility needs of the future. The interior follows the concept of the third room, in which the driver’s area, living area and office merge into one. Design, functionality, sustainability and customer orientation support multiple use. The idea behind it: “With the AMBIENC3, we always had a holistic design concept in mind: with a clear layout, homogeneous styling, a color code to make you feel good and additional mood concepts from light and sound,” says Imbery.

ContiHome – less is more

Continental Pp Contihome 3
Small but mighty: The ContiHome promises a high degree of comfort in a small space.

Furniture, floors, walls, windows, facades and terrace – with the ContiHome, the technology group with its headquarters in Hanover has clad and equipped an entire house exclusively with its surface materials. The focus is on sustainable design in terms of look and feel, functionality, aesthetics and comfort. The Tiny House is basically mobile and can be brought from A to B with a truck. The idea behind it: Inspired by global trends such as micro housing and minimalism, Continental has dealt with the future topic of “living in a small space” and decided on a modern, dynamic, distinctive and linear approach for the outer form. “’Less is more’ is key in the design language, especially in the polygonal shapes inside and out,” explains Imbery. Industrial style and nature were also sources of inspiration. “As a supplier to the construction and furniture industry, we want to encourage our customers to think outside the box, because ‘small and multifunctional rooms’ are a future topic for the living and living sectors.”

Series winner at the Red Dot Design Award

The 48 international members of the Red Dot jury took a similar view: the award for the best product design went to the ContiHome. Reason: “The ContiHome impresses with its exposed structure and an open design, which in connection with the use of natural-looking materials is very inviting”. The organizers counted around 22,000 submissions from designers, design offices and manufacturers from around 60 countries. According to the Red Dot jury, winners have to set new standards in the design industry – and that’s exactly what Continental did. Their surface specialists are already well-known at the Red Dot Award: the upholstery fabrics skai Toronto EN with staynu technology and skai Vyp Lana with laif technology won in 2021, the furniture surface skai colore classico ULTRA 2020, and the outer surface skai Jet Black in 2018. Photo credit: Continental

Continental Pp Ambienc3 2
The third room: With the 3rd space concept, Continental combines the areas of driving, working and relaxing.

Of course that was far from it!

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