Comeback for Anouschka Renzi! The jungle diva is back on stage


she has cried, argued, fought – and was at the end the “Last Woman Standing” in the jungle camp 2022: actress Anouschka Renzi After her trip to the African jungle (57) is finally back where she feels most comfortable – on the theater stage. She is part of the Bad Hersfeld Festival alongside “Tatort” actor Richy Müller (66) in the play “Notre Dame”. For the 57-year-old, this return to the theater stage is like a big family reunion. More in the video.

Anouschka raves about the theater group: “That’s family!”

For Anouschka, her appearance at the Bad Hersfeld Festival is not a premiere. She was already on stage there in 2019 and is very happy to be back: “I love the ruins of the monastery, I love this stage.” The festival team is also familiar to her. “I actually know a lot here: sound, technology, stage design, light – that’s family. I worked with them 17 years ago in Worms and they’re the same people who are here now. I think it’s very nice, it’s one great team,” enthuses the 57-year-old in an RTL interview.


Anouschka: “Those who are not vaccinated have only themselves to blame.”

Thanks to the relaxation of the corona virus, the Bad Hersfeld Festival can also take place in a more relaxed setting. However, strict test conditions still apply to the actors. “We have to be tested every day, the quarantine regulation sucks,” said Anouschka in an RTL interview.

Anouschka Renzi at the start of rehearsals for the Bad Hersfeld Festival.

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But the 57-year-old understands the strict rules, after all she fell ill with Corona two months ago: “I was actually positive for 18 days. So much for that. I had almost no symptoms, but I was 18 days positive for a long time. Then I can’t go to the rehearsal for 18 days. You have to check it out.” She doesn’t believe that the festival will become a big superspreader event: “It’s also open air. We’re all vaccinated. And those who aren’t vaccinated are their own fault. I have no sympathy for that.”

Jungle camp was not “licking honey”

Anouschka thinks about her time in the jungle with mixed feelings. No wonder, after all, she kept getting involved there Ex-Bachelor-Babe Linda Nobat (27) and Actress Tina Ruland (55) to each other. Your decision to move into the camp – after 13 cancellations – were of a purely financial nature: “In fact, I had four major productions canceled in the two years of Corona and then I said: Now I don’t care, now I’ll do it. Because they pay a lot of money and I can use the money live two years – live well. That’s the only reason.” She is not proud of her participation, but she is not ashamed either. Actually, she doesn’t care. The time in the camp was definitely not a cakewalk, as she says herself, but she enjoyed the time outside the camp all the more: “I went on safaris. Africa is much nicer than Australia.” The 57-year-old no longer has contact with her fellow campers. Only designer Harald Glööckler (56) can still be found on her friends list.

With Harald Glööckler and Anouschka Renzi, a few campers still had a score to settle

With Harald Glööckler and Anouschka Renzi, a few campers still had a score to settle


Is the big wedding coming soon?

When Anouschka is free, she goes to see her fiancé Marc Zabinski (49) on the Baltic Sea. who is also an actor. And will the wedding bells finally ring after the theater time? “A wedding is not planned. We got engaged because I thought it was cute, we’ve been together for almost seven years now, so I always say: my friend,” Anouschka summarizes the current situation. At the moment she has no time for the big wedding bash anyway: after Bad Hersfeld, the 57-year-old continues to rehearse in Essen and then to Frankfurt am Main. Seems like the jungle was really just a guest performance for Anouschka. (dpa/ora/dgo)

Aftershow-Party for the BZ-Kulturpreis Gala, Freie Volksbuehne, Berlin, DEU, 28/01 / 2020Pictured: Anouschka Renzi, Marc ZabinskiRef: SPL5143753 280120 NON-EXCLUSIVEPicture by: AEDT / SplashNews.comSplash News and PicturesL821-: 2666New

Anouschka has been with Marc Zabinski for almost seven years.

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