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Healthy foods and superfoods do more and more of the cooking healthy a growing trend. Not only in the home cooking that we prepare at home but even in the dishes we order at home, where alongside the classic pizza and Chinese dishes, there is a boom in healthy dishes, organic cuisine, gluten-free, the super trendy poké. This is confirmed by the report of the Just Eat Observatory ( More and more restaurants are integrating an ad hoc offer within their menus, making healthy proposals available that can be easily ordered at home or in the office to stay fit. But not only that, in recent years there has also been the birth of restaurants specializing in different types of kitchens that perfectly meet the demands of consumers and their needs in terms of healthy food. On Just Eat there are over 500 restaurants offering specialties such as poké, healthy and vegan dishes, salads, vegetarian dishes and dishes dedicated to gluten-free and organic cuisine.
In the last year, the restaurants that have chosen to approach digital food delivery have also grown significantly: restaurants specialized in vegan cuisine (+ 158%), poké (+ 127%), vegetarian (+ 77%), salads (+ 45%) and healthy as a whole (+ 30%). The last six months of 2020 show a growth of the healthy cuisine of +72% and again the vegetarian with + 127%, the vegan with + 90%, the poké with + 76%, the salads with + 63%, the organic with + 20% and the gluten-free with + 7%. For the past 6 months it is above all the vegan to have depopulated for the highest peak of growth especially at lunch with + 153%, while at dinner salads (+ 105%) and vegetarians (+ 95%) are the masters. The research also highlights 5 super trend del 2021:

1) Chickpeas, lentils and legumes, mainly used for making hamburgers and hummus, as well as soups and salads. Among the most ordered dishes stand out falafel, pakora, farinata, hummus and chana masala, while among the fastest growing ones we find daal, Indian lentil soup, lentil burgers, veggie burgers, salads and soups, but also burrito, the new and already famous dorayaki and the vegetarian taco.

2) Quinoa, cereals and ancient grainsnow a must-have to use for making burgers, poké, uramaki, meatballs, tacos and salads.

3) Spinach, avocado and ginger, the latter in particular loved in Italy for its appreciable qualities and the ability to give a twist of flavor in many recipes and used above all in centrifuged and extracts, in addition to poké, but also burgers, soups and meatballs or in meat marinades and fish. What about avocado, which in the world of fruit occupies the pole position of the one most used in dishes at home, for salads, bowls, toast and hamburgers, but also wraps, focaccias and salads emerge.

4) Red fruits and blueberries, thanks to their antioxidant properties, they are making their way between dishes and salads with the addition of blueberries and red fruits, but also as an accompaniment to tartare and burgers. We also find them in combination with fish, tuna and salmon, swordfish, also paired with avocado, with capacci and sushi dishes.

5) Chia seeds and canapa, which have always been used to enrich specialties such as poké and bagels, followed by salads with fish, fruit and dried fruit, but also with turkey and burgers.

Here is the top 5 of the trendiest healthy dishes

1. Vegetarian and vegan burgers, primarily quinoa and chickpeas

2. Poke bowl to compose

3. Legume soups and mixed seasonal vegetables

4. Salads with seasonal vegetables

5. Chickpea hummus paired with various dishes

But there are also some interesting curiosities, such as the growth in the demand for seasonal dishes and products, often at zero kilometer and linked to regional specialties such as courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, grains and cereals, thanks to a rediscovery of Italian gastronomy at home. But not only that, the so-called ones are also driving the trend of healthy cooking more and more superfoodingredients from different parts of the world rich in nutrients and beneficial properties.

Healthy-addicted cities

If we go on a long trip to the peninsula, we see that healthy cuisine is especially popular in Rome, followed by Trieste, Milan, Ferrara, Genoa, Bari, Bologna, Turin, Brescia and Naples. In terms of tastes by city, healthy cuisine in Rome recorded a growth of + 42%, including vegan (+ 400%), followed by vegetarian (+ 300%), poké (+ 260%) and salads (+ 60%). Even in Milan it is the vegan who is the most popular with + 500%, followed by gluten-free (+ 190%), vegetarian (+ 90%) and poké (+ 56%). In Turin, on the other hand, salads are the trend with + 250%. The poké is felt above all in Trieste (+ 380%), Bari (+ 127%), Naples (+ 124%) and Genoa (+ 78%), while in Florence it is positioned among the new kitchens along with vegan. In Palermo, vegetarians are the most popular (+ 90%), which instead ranks among the new trends for the city of Verona. Finally, Bologna records a growth in healthy cuisine.

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