Charging app providers: 8-10% of the charging stations with problems

Many more charging stations are needed for the expected boom in electric cars. In its coalition agreement, the traffic light government has set the goal of around 15 million electric cars and one million charging points in Germany. According to the provider of an app for easy charging, the reliability of the technology must also be significantly increased in addition to the number of charging stations.

Of the currently 70,000 charging points in Germany, around eight to ten percent, i.e. 5600 to 7000 pieces, would not work properly in the long term, the start-up elvah dem said Stern. Reliability is also not good in the neighboring countries: in Luxembourg there is a failure rate of five to seven percent, in France up to 20 percent of the charging stations are not available.

Free charging stations can be found with the elvah app. The provider registers problems or defective technology in order to inform his customers about it. The company also evaluates the feedback and behavior of the app users. The so-called elvah score is calculated from the result, which illustrates the reliability, popularity and convenience of charging stations. The scale goes from 0 to 10. In the start-up’s opinion, even a value of 8.8 is not good, as the charging process is far from 100% reliable.

“It is questionable how the new government wants to get 15 million e-car drivers on the streets under such omens,” the start-up said Stern. According to the elvah score, there are problems with charging the batteries of electric cars, especially in urban areas. According to the data, the most frequented charging points in the state are in Hamburg and Berlin. Both cities show weaknesses in reliability with scores of 8.14 (Berlin) and 8.39 (Hamburg). The frequency of use of the pillars is increasing sharply overall, in some areas even by more than 20 percent from month to month.

The failure rate of up to ten percent measured for Germany is unacceptable, according to elvah. “If you apply that to gas stations, you can imagine the uprising that would ensue,” the experts said.

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