Calciomercato Napoli, convinced by Sky: the news on the possible replacement of Osimhen

The expert from market from Sky Sport, Luca Marchettiintervened to respond directly to Radio Mars to the questions of the Neapolitan fans. Here are his statements:

What do you think of yesterday’s final of the Italian Cup, a great match? Did Inter deserve the victory?
“I would say double yes, it was a good match because you win, and it was a well-deserved victory for a team that in my opinion did more than the opponents. It seemed to me, especially in extra time, that Inter had more. “

“For now we don’t have updateswe remain at attention because he is a player who has received some attention but for now we have no particular updates. “

Osimhen Napoli (Getty Images)

After the tensions of these days, is there already a coach ready to replace Spalletti?
“I don’t think there is a coach ready. The situation you are experiencing is an anomalous situation, I am convinced that Spalletti had a good season, De Laurentiis’ statements are, as often happens, contradictory. Now I don’t know if they really can’t stand each other as it seems on one side or if the relationship is still as trusting as it seems at other times. “

Is it true that Napoli asked for Svanberg?
“It is a rumor that is circulating and that I am hearing about, but we do not know that a negotiation has been entered into.”

Has Napoli already identified Osimhen’s replacement?
“I have no doubt that there is interest in Osimhen from England, and that if a major offer comes in, he may go away. We have not yet identified a possible replacement, however, we must first see the offers that have arrived at Napoli. The names that go around (Lozek, Karlsson) have undoubtedly received attention from Napoli. “

Are there any doubts about the payment of the Oliveira clause?
“We have said that the operation is essentially closed, I believe that the 10 million agreement holds.”

On the possible return of Cavani to Italy?
“Every summer we talk about Cavani, he is an extraordinary player with great economic ambitions even if a bit old, I don’t know if he will be able to return to Italy. But I also know that we will hardly see the same attack at Fiorentina as this year. I can say that it is difficult for me to think that he can return to Napoli. “

Is a Petagna-Simeone exchange possible?
“We need to see how much Verona values ​​Simeone after this excellent championship, we risk paying him more. We are more or less there with the figures but I have never heard of them. “

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