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Boost your image with content marketing

Your company is the best, your products are the best and you want the whole world to know about it, not just your family and friends? Content marketing  is for you! This is any information to share about your company, your products (the best in the world), and your market. It is not complicated to set up, however it is expected. It’s called Content Marketing.

The more you communicate, the more you are visible, and your notoriety increases.

Step 1: Create your Content Marketing Strategy

Define an editorial line:

This is our guideline, the leitmotif of our communication . We find there: our objectives ( why do marketing content ), who we address, in what format, how often, what is the tone we use, what we say, or not, … In short how we position ourselves, and who will define us on the web.

Take the time to think about your market

Who are your clients ?? Where are they ? Where are they surfing?

Then, we are going to define what we think best suits us in terms of format according to our client type.

  • Individuals (BtoC), the choice is vast: you can take photos, put videos on Youtube, blog articles, news on the website, information to Like on FB, twitter. Generally the formats are short and the distribution frequent . We can also mix content according to our objective: more notoriety, attract new customers, or retain those who are already there.
  • Professionals (BtoB ): here again the choice is vast but companies do not look at all the media. The ideal is to target one, two or three professional social networks corresponding to that of your ideal buyer (buyer persona) to distribute their content. Notoriety is important and the image to convey can be that of the “Specialist”.

Which format to adopt?

  • course formats by bouncing on information from your sector of activity (Newsjacking), videos, live
  • longer formats with real in-depth articles, the organization of webinars, or the writing of white papers.
  • Alternating between the two.

Whatever the media and formats chosen, take care of your visuals, and work on your titles to arouse interest. Be specific , find catchy titles, find the right tone.

 Step 2: Distribute your Content


As with any strategy, forecasting means anticipating .

List the themes/sections on which you wish to communicate, define color codes and register them in an online calendar (you will find a template there to download). It is graphical, visual and easy to modify. Plan more or less long publication frequencies depending on the format and your type of client.

It would be nice if we shared your content, wouldn’t it? Select the supports that seem appropriate to you

Depending on the audience you are looking for, and the objective of conquest or loyalty , you can opt for paid media (advertorials, interviews, etc.), media that belong to you ( your website, your blog , a newsletter), or social network type sites to broadcast and create a little buzz. ?


PFor more impact and efficiency, use tools that distribute your content on different social networks at the same time.


Now that your marketing content is broadcast, let the audience analysis tools do their thing, they will give you all the measurement elements (KPIs).

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