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Best GoLogin Alternatives (2023)

According to recent surveys, more than 60% of internet users are victims of data breaches. Information such as credit card numbers, financial information, social media accounts and email addresses are frequent targets for hackers. However, there are certain steps you can take to minimize the risk of failure Data leaked to you.

By using anti detection browser, you can protect your data from hackers. Anti-detection browsers are similar to typical versions of Google Chrome Mozilla Edge etc.

However, these browsers provide anonymity by changing your browser fingerprint and falsifying data while leaving as little digital footprint as possible. GoLogin is a popular example of an anti-detection browser.

With over 350,000 users, GoLogin is a common choice for anti-detection browser users. The browser allows you to create as many accounts as you want and personalize browser settings, while storing data in the cloud. GoLogin also hides your data to protect it.

Users now have more options with improved features and searches for “Alternatives to GoLogin” are on the rise. Anti-detection browsers like Incogniton Kameleo have found their place among the best answers on the Internet.

In this article, we have provided a detailed description of the best GoLogin alternatives. But first let’s review the basic idea behind GoLogin.

What Is GoLogin?

What Is GoLogin

GoLogin is an anti-detection software mainly used for managing multiple accounts. It is very similar to virtual private networks and proxies in terms of hiding your online identity.

Simply put, GoLogin enables you to set up multiple unique accounts for different websites. Digital marketers in particular can benefit from GoLogin in several ways. We’ll consider some of these benefits later in this article.

Core Features of GoLogin

GoLogin provides several important features, including:

  • Rapid settings
  • Inserting proxies
  • Cookie export and other profile settings
  • Android Fingerprint Support Profile Transfer
  • Multiple initial pages

Use Cases of GoLogin

GoLogin has a wide range of applications. Some of the most popular use cases are as follows:

Affiliate Marketing

For various affiliate marketing accounts, there are many profiles you can set up with GoLogin. As a team, you can develop campaigns to increase your chances of profit.


GoLogin is perfect for traditional eCommerce and dropshipping. On the same eCommerce platform, you can set up additional merchant accounts to increase sales. The same goes for dropshipping, as having many profiles allows you to drop more items.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Keep your team organized with GoLogin. Each project member has access to hundreds of accounts that can be managed simultaneously

Web Scraping

You can use multiple configuration files when scraping data from a website to save resources. You can crawl information faster by using multiple browser profiles instead of one.


If you’ve been restricted or temporarily banned from gambling on your favorite betting site, simply use GoLogin to set up a new anonymous browser profile.

Testing and Development

GoLogin can be used to check the functionality of your web application or website from a user’s point of view. With an unlimited number of software and hardware combinations, you can use it to test traffic web filters and just about anything else.

Pros of GoLogin

  • Affordable Prices and Free Trials

Multilogin is notorious for being expensive, which is even the reason many people start looking for alternatives in the first place, since it’s supposed to be a dummy browser profile manager.

However, GoLogin fills a gap in the game when it comes to cost, and as of now, it’s one of the most affordable games on the market. The cheapest plan is $49 per month, but you can save 50% if you pay annually. It’s also important to note that GoLogin does offer a 7-day free trial for new users.

  • Customer Support that Responds

The GoLogin service also offers good customer assistance, which is another area of ​​praise. Their customer service is usually one of the most responsive in the industry for virtual browser profiles.

  • Easy-to-Use and Intuitive Interface

If you are looking for a user-friendly detection-proof browser, then the GoLogin program is the best choice for you. Even if you are a new user, the user interface is so easy to use that you can start using it right away. The company GoLogin also provides a simple tutorial on how to use their anti-detection browser.

Cons of GoLogin

  • Some users complain about crashes

The main problem with the current GoLogin application is this. Some app users claim that the app crashes while using it.

The number of browser profiles that you can run concurrently depends on the capabilities of your device, even though you are free to create as many profiles as per your membership. GoLogin notifies users when they try to open more than 10 browser profiles simultaneously due to these crashes.

  • Customer service may be clueless

The customer service staff seem to need specialized training and reorganization at times. Technical inquiries can only be resolved by a handful of members of the support staff, and most customer service staff seem unsure of what to do.

We’ve weighed the pros and cons of GoLogin. But keep in mind that you can use a variety of GoLogin alternatives for simple account management—some of which are more affordable and easier to use.

Let’s talk about the reasons for writing this article now—the next section provides a comprehensive list of the best GoLogin alternatives.

7 Best GoLogin Alternatives to Manage

7 Best GoLogin Alternatives to Manage

We won’t overwhelm you with a hundred different options. Instead, we’ve outlined seven of the best GoLogin alternatives along with detailed instructions for the top four. Here is a list of the best GoLogin alternatives:

  1. Incogniton
  2. Kameleo
  3. Adspower
  4. Vmlogin
  5. Linkensphere
  6. Ghost Browser
  7. Indigo browser

Let’s review our top picks in more detail.

1. Incogniton


Anyone wishing to remain anonymous online should use Incogniton as a tool. Incogniton is an easy-to-use anti-detection browser that protects users from unauthorized browser fingerprinting.

You can use Incogniton to create different virtual browser profiles to manage multiple user accounts from a single online browser.

Here are the key features that differentiate Incogniton from other GoLogin alternatives.

Core Features of Incogniton

  •  Data Retention 

With Incogniton’s powerful cloud saving features, you can use one profile on multiple devices. Although you can only save configuration files locally, you can be sure that no one else (not even Incogniton) will have access to your data.

  • Selenium and Puppeteer integration

Use Incogniton to automate several tasks and browser functions. These enable you to use your plans efficiently and time-savingly.

  •  Simple to use 

Most of these features should make anti-detection browsers look hard, but both novice and expert users will find Incogniton’s interface to be user-friendly.

  •  An easy-to-use interface 

This is probably a regular feature of all anti-detection browsers. Incogniton, on the other hand, goes a step further by giving you a clearly structured breakdown of all your open browser tabs in one interface.

  •  Align profiles 

You can use Incogniton’s sync feature to sync your profile and data across multiple devices. This means that if you use an incognito browser on another machine, you can still access your account.

  • Export and import of cookies

Using Incogniton, cookies can be imported and exported from each browser profile.

  • can be pasted as you type

Incogniton replicates human typing, making it easier to complete online forms without compromising human-like nature.

Use Cases of Incogniton

Incogniton has several applications, including:

  • affiliate marketing. Incogniton is used by affiliate marketers to serve many ads from different accounts.
  • Job recruitment. If you are recruiting and want to view social media accounts of potential clients, you will need Incogniton to set up and manage the anonymous accounts you will use.
  • online business. Online business owners who want to manage their many merchant accounts without getting blacklisted use Incogniton.
  • investigative report. Journalists or investigators can use Incogniton to hide their identity while conducting an investigation.
  • Web scraping. Incogniton fixes an IP blocking issue that developers encountered when trying to scrape the web.
  • Customize browser profiles. These profiles eliminate the need to use multiple PCs or virtual machines.
  • web development. Developers can use Incogniton to test websites and applications with different settings.
  • marketing. Marketing professionals can quickly create buyer personas, each with their own social media profiles and information, and then save the data in the Incogniton browser profile.

Comparison Table

We’ve outlined the key differences in a clearer, more concise table format to help you make a quick choice. Based on their properties, this table clarifies your uncertainties. Here’s how they differ:

 Incogniton   GoLogin 
Chrome-Based Browser
Cookie robot x
Selenium and Puppeteer automation
 Browser Fingerprints 
Recent fingerprints
Latest Browser
 Proxy Deals 
Free plan
Free profiles 10 3
Crypto payment
Team features
Customer support Within 24 hours ?

Let’s take a closer look at properties.

  • Price

Most GoLogin alternatives are reasonably priced, but not as cheap as Incogniton.

  • Import and Export in Bulk

Every user wants to be able to access the basic functionality of being able to move their configuration files from one system to another. Bulk importing profile attributes with Incogniton is easy and convenient.

  • Free Plans

No! Neither Incogniton nor other GoLogin alternatives should be offered for free. However, Incogniton will give you 10 starter profiles for free.

  • Customer care

Sometimes you’ll run into a problem that requires a developer’s help. Test results show that Incogniton works better than other GoLogin alternatives because it has a strong customer service team reachable via Telegram and email.

  • Accepts consumer recommendations

Incogniton is known to take customer suggestions into consideration. With its prompt customer service responses, you can be sure your voice will be heard.

  • Full functionality

As Incogniton is currently under development, expect occasional glitches. Nonetheless, Incogniton will work as expected 99% of the time, so there is nothing to worry about. Incogniton’s customer service also encourages users to leave comments.

2. Kameleo

Logo Kameleo

To make you invisible online, Kameleo modifies your browser fingerprint and IP address. You can profile on Android and iOS devices using the mobile app created by Kameleo. It provides an API similar to GoLogin alternatives.

Pros of Kameleo

  • Easy to Use

Like most GoLogin alternatives, the Kameleo app is easy to use. You do not need to be familiar with browser fingerprinting configuration. This is because it provides you with a list of default browser settings or fingerprints that you may use and also gives you the option to customize them according to your needs preference.

  • Support for Profiles

Kameleo’s support for many browser profiles is another bonus. The number of profiles you can create and maintain for most GoLogin alternatives depends on the package you choose to subscribe to. The number of accounts you can manage with Kameleo is not based on other costs.

However, you must be aware that loading too many browser profiles at once may cause the Kameleo application to crash. If you want to use a limited number of profiles at once, you can use a GoLogin alternative such as Incogniton.

Cons of Kameleo

  • Not designed for successful teamwork

For managing multiple profiles with your team, we do not recommend using Kameleo. This is a result of the browser profile being stored locally instead of online. Configuration files must be saved locally before they can be shared via email or server so recipients can download and upload to their browser.

This is unlike what you get from a service like Incogniton, which costs less but enables efficient teamwork. This is because the profile of the incognito browser is stored in the cloud, and the application already allows sharing the profile.

  • Unfriendly Pricing System

Kameleo’s unpopular price structure is another major drawback. You can create as many profiles as you want for only 59 euros, right? If you’re a small marketer who can’t afford expensive plans, this price is for you. But you didn’t even receive the mobile fingerprint With this package.

Also, you cannot use complex features like web automation cookie import/export or many other features like you can with Incogniton.

3. AdsPower

Ads Power Logo

AdsPower is an anti-detection browser that does multi-account management as successfully as other alternatives. With the help of AdsPower, which is a multi-profile browser, you can manage multiple accounts by setting up as many different independent browser contexts as possible.

Pros of AdsPower

  • Offer flexible and affordable options

AdsPower is one of the affordable and functional anti-detection browsers. Its price structure is flexible, so you can decide not to pay for more stuff you don’t want. You get the best value thanks to adjustable prices. However, Incogniton is still more than this pricing system.

Cons of AdsPower

  • Lack of Mobile Support

The success of companies like GoLogin and Incogniton shows that marketing isn’t limited to desktop computers. Some of the best GoLogin alternatives, like Incogniton Browser, have led the way, but AdsPower has yet to catch up.

To use Adspower, you must be logged on to your computer at all times. You are not allowed to use your cell phone. No real Android devices are supported; all it has is an Android emulator.

4. VMLogin

Logo VMLogin

VMLogin is one of the easiest to use anti-detection browsers. With the help of VMLogin you can create surfing profiles with unique browsing settings and successfully replace the default fingerprint with one of your choice.

Some features are similar to other GoLogin alternatives.

  • Control browser fingerprinting easily
  • Helps teams work together
  • Can easily manage multiple browser profiles
  • Teams can share configuration files and control settings in a single environment

Pros of VMLogin

  • Setting it up is simple.
  • It can simply be automated

Cons of VMLogin

  • No proxy support
  • It does not assist portable devices


Even though GoLogin is one of the best anti-detection browsers, it’s not universally considered the answer by advertisers. GoLogin users complain about captchas and account restrictions. Some people have experienced failed launches. Consequently, the need for better alternatives has grown.

We provide the top seven best GoLogin alternatives along with a comprehensive review of the top four. The options discussed in this article are Incogniton Adspower Kameleo and VMLogin.

When the chip fails, Incogniton remains the best and most reasonably priced anti-detection browser for modifying your browser’s fingerprint among other GoLogin alternatives. Judge for yourself with Incogniton’s free 10-profile plan.

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